Monday, September 25, 2017

Pam's Quilt and what else have we been up to . . .

I did get to spend some of last weekend working on Pam's quilt.
This is a project I'm doing with my Sunday School kids.

They colored the blocks with permanent markers.

I took scrap fabric to frame each of the blocks and then sashed them with the leftover blue/black from the Lace Cabins. The blocks needed some definition, that's why I chose such a dark print. I like it :)

I had all the rows assembled by Sunday and Monday afternoon I started adding this fun white confetti print for a punch of color between all the dark. 

The quilt is now a top and I have to find some time to sandwich, quilt and bind it. Not sure when I will get to that. But it's in the forefront of my thoughts often.

I have been home very little this past week, so consequently not much is getting done in the sewing room. Rocky and I continue to walk at least once a day. 

This is the end result :)
We are managing almost a mile a day.

Also on Saturday, Honey Do and I spent some quality time in the kitchen.
Yes, there is such a thing :)

Pickles and peppers from our garden :)

The cucumber plant was a stray in the basil plant I purchased. So in essence, these pickles (other than vinegar and seasonings) are free :) God is so good :)


I did manage to get another long awaited project done. I put it away to prevent damage and promptly forgot about it. Then I couldn't find a frame. I found one last week, but it was too small. I found a set of two last Friday while Newton and I were out and it fit perfectly. So I just added my little gift card that I received as part of a swap and framed it. I love it.

I worked three days last week, had and appointment, spent a day with Mom and Newton was home from school on Friday. My goal list will have to wait until Saturday when Newton goes camping.

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Wishing you a day filled with creativity and productivity.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, a weekend of camping for Newton! That's great! I really like how Pam's quilt looks. The dark was definitely needed, and the light is a great finish. Those little frames are perfect for the contents. Where did you hang them? That's a lot of free pickles! Good on you two for working together in the kitchen to accomplish that task. It's almost Thursday! Enjoy the last of this series of hot days tomorrow. You should have at least 5 days of cooler weather before the 80s come back! I get 3 days in the high 70s. =P But I'll take it.