Friday, May 17, 2019

I Love Home

This design first came on my radar in 2017, probably fairly early so we can get excited and start shopping fabrics. And in my case it was my stash. 

Anyone that knows me knows I love designs that show case houses and this one does. Jacquelynne Steves does an amazing job designing and writing the instructions. There are measurements and photos every step of the way. There are choices . . . We could just piece all the blocks or we could applique the central focal  block or we could do embroidery. I chose to embroidery my four blocks.


I was moving along and keeping up. All four houses were stitched.

The first two blocks were pieced and assembled, the third just needed one last seam sewn to complete the block. The fourth needed complete assembly.

Not sure what took my attention away from finishing this project, but it got put away and became a UFO.

It was added to my "12 things" list, which is basically a to do list for this year, not necessarily UFOs. I just knew I wanted to get it done.

I sewed the last seam on number three, and finally put number four together.

I spent the rest of the afternoon figuring out how I wanted to put the top together and finish it. I really liked some of the components Jacquelynne used but wanted the quilt bigger than lap or throw size. I wanted queen size for my bed.

This is what I came up with.

It takes a little time, but I like having some direction. It's always subject to change. I feel like my quilts talk to me as we go along and if things need to changed, they let me know.

Next step was putting all four of the blocks together.

First border . . . 

Alternating 2.5 inch squares. Some color to compensate for all the white.

Next border . . . 

The bright blue turquoise adds a nice punch of color.

And the final border . . . 

I couldn't find the original small raspberry print, so I compromised with this large raspberry print. Same color family but the larger print works in this larger border.

And the top is finished. I need to come up with some backing, batting is ready and waiting. 

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Romans 6:23 NIVUK


Farm Quilter said...

Love the way you made it bigger to fit your bed!!! Looks like spring!!

Joy from Days Filled With Joy said...

What a beautiful finished top! Love your creativity in putting the blocks together! xx

Susan said...

I love seeing it spread across the bed. Does the Mister like it? You did a great job of designing an enlarging setting for it.

K Reeves said...

That is a beautiful quilt top, Edi, raspberry is a personal favorite of mine too!