Tuesday, March 10, 2020

"Home Quarantine"

I know these are days that we should not be taking things like the Coronavirus too lightly.  Unfortunately, the virus has made its way to my home state, even in my county. I'm not thrilled to say the least. I think this is a real reality check on who we are . . . as people, as a community, as a nation, as a world.

Now, on to things less serious :)

I am in a position to "home quarantine" myself for the next week :) This makes me very happy. I am not ill, in fact, I feel pretty good beyond the typical aches and pain that my age just brings with it.

The weekend and beginning of the week brought spring back into the forecast. I've turned my thermostat down because the house just feels too warm and even this morning cracked a window in my sewing space.

The rain is here, which means temperatures will be dropping throughout the day. I think there are snow flurries forecast too, but there shouldn't be anything significant from this front.

My self-imposed quarantine just means lots of sewing time and projects. I have a variety of them I am working on.

First, finishing the second of two identical baby quilts. One is donation, the other will be a gift for my son's teacher who is expecting a little boy in May. I have an appointment at school next week, so I will be delivering it then.

Following the completion of this project, I moved on to my UFO/OMG (unfinished object/one monthly goal).

The goal for this month is number 11 and it is Fall into a Quilt from 2018. I was able to keep up with the blocks until November and then I fell behind.  

Unfortunately, I didn't pick it back up to finish it. It became a UFO.

I had two blocks left to make. My goal this month is to get them made as well as assembling the top. 

I drew off and ironed on the pieces for block 11 and pulled the fabrics for block 12. I should be able to get both blocks assembles tomorrow and then I can work on the layout.

Thanks for stopping by.

but those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.

Isaiah 40:31 NIVUK


Allie said...

It's here in my county as well, although they waited until after the primary to announce it. I'm honestly more worried about the flu, which has a higher death rate and rate of infection - but maybe now that everyone is panicking and washing their hands, it'll help. My son said at work that HR was astonished at how much sanitizer and soap they're going through, it's like nobody ever washed their hands before, lol. Lovely projects, Edith!!

Farm Quilter said...

COVID-19 is in my town. I have asthma and my dad has heart problems, and since we are both in the "danger zone" age-wise, I'm self-isolating as much as possible. Of course, I don't go out much anyway, seeing how I am caring for my dad. When Italy went from 45 to over 10,000 cases in one week, I really started paying attention. I would have loved to have seen the baby quilt, but the picture is just black. Have a wonderful week!!

Susan said...

I know you have worked and worked on those beautiful blocks. I *think* I know where mine are, and it isn't in a quilt top. LOL