Saturday, June 3, 2023

Catching Up

It has been a busy few weeks around our yard. There's been Memorial Day to celebrate and remember. There's been lots of yard and garden work. It's finally coming to some conclusions in some areas.

I redid the Welcome Post that Honey Do made for me last summer. All the decorations came from Dollar Tree !! What a great store. I find some of the cutest things there.

The front flower beds are still pretty sparse, but things did come back like this brown iris . . .


The variegated lupines that my sister so generously shared . . .

The purple iris.

We are very conscientious of the plight of pollinators, so in an effort to do our part I have been choosing new perennials that will attract them. I believe this is a type of Lobelia. It's one of the first flowers to bloom in our back garden.

I transplanted a lot of irises and it appears most of them are the purple variety. The peach colored rose bud is another climber that Honey Do found last year on clearance.

As that peach bud opens, it becomes more

and more white. I just love it.

The vegetable garden is mostly done. Even after putting up the retaining walls, I added a bit more space to the garden. Here we've planted pole beans, cabbage, cauliflower, celery and kohlrabi.

In this section, we've planted peppers, herbs and a few tomatoes that were gifted to us. Sister is already volunteering to help with canning. I am so blessed. These pictures don't show it, but the gardens have been mulched to help with water retention. It's been at least two weeks now since we've had any rain.

Two more blessings, Rocky and Honey Do enjoying some snuggle time on the porch.

And this is how I start most of my days, breakfast on the porch :)

It's my paradise, my refuge, my happy place. I can't even imagine being anywhere else.


Because of all the gardening the last month, there hasn't been any sewing or stitching. That should be rectified soon.




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Susan said...

This was only a little while after my visit, and lots of flowers still blooming. Love that peach rose. Di you get more pollinators this year?