Tuesday, May 23, 2023

Porch Time and Garden Progress

 The view from my laptop this morning . . . 

Chores are done and I now get some time to spend on the porch, blogging, listening to an audio book and whatever else I can come up with.


The last few weeks have been strictly garden focused. And it's starting to pay off. And not just from this year's efforts.

Slowly, but surely things are filling in. Some of the plants were transplanted two years ago when we moved. Others were generously shared from my sister and we'll start adding new perennials over the years to fill in the rest. 

I seem to have a real liking of purple flowers because there are a lot of them :) I was overjoyed to discover the pinkish lavender iris this morning and the brown one yesterday.

 More recently, I've been focused on getting the vegetable garden done. And I can finally say:  Goal accomplished !!!

I've been moving dirt for more than a week and Honey Do helped me finish over the weekend.

Tomatoes and corn

Herbs and lettuce

Strawberries gifted from a neighbor our first summer.

Peppers and all my seeds, beets, cucumbers, beans and gourds.


Peanuts, we found plants last year and kept the "seeds" to plant this year. It was high yielding, so we thought we'd try again this year.

Raised beds that include radishes, peas and lettuce, all from seed.
We extended the garden a bit to use up some dirt. In this section we put the celery, cabbages, kohlrabi and melons.

This is the "top" garden. It includes the seeds I planted, strawberries and some flowers that attract the pollinators. 

With the vegetable garden done, there's only the flower beds to clean up and that's underway. I'm working about an hour a day pulling weeds before it gets to warm. I'm hoping to have everything done by the end of the month and then that just leaves me with general maintenance and shopping for new plants :)

This also means I should be able to spend a little more time in the sewing room. My plan is to spend my evenings planning and prepping projects that I can take outside and work on the porch. So this will me hand projects . . . embroidery, binding, hand quilting, and cutting out pieces for applique. And of course, there is always reading a book.
So on that note, time to find something to work on :)



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Susan said...

Gosh, it looks like I missed all the blog posts after my visit! I haven't been doing very well since I got back from PA. Too many yuck days. Not lack of interest on my part.