Sunday, August 17, 2014

FNSI - Weekend progress

My Friday began in the garden after Honey Do left for work. 

I'm really hoping these green Romas will ripen and go into the sauce I'm planning.

My Rosemary really needs planted, but it's so pretty on the window sill.
The zucchini is finally in bloom. 
There are weather reports already warning us about another very hard winter. BFF told me yesterday that her eldest has read articles that are predicting snow as early as the end of September. I know these are cold hardy plants, but I would really love to see them produce before we have to worry about freezes. They were very late in going in the ground because of the deer.

I found these beaties hiding in the bushes. Gorgeous :)

Speaking of deer - they are still visiting my garden. Not sure what they are finding but they keep coming back. They are so beautiful, but I really hadn't planned on sharing this much of my garden with them.

Broccoli is producing beautifully again this year. I think I finally have the knack for it.

* * * * *

We spent most of the afternoon in the backyard. They played and I mowed. It's probably been a month since we mowed the back yard. I just had to share because I thought it looked so nice.

We took a rest for a few minutes before going in the house to start dinner. My Nina has gotten really big, but she has the sweetest disposition. She's good company and loves to run and play in the yard.

* * * * *

Bethlehem - Block 8

Finished !!!! :)

* * * * * 

Saturday started out yummy :)

Fresh (not frozen) blueberry pancakes - Yum :)

Progress was made on the doll cradle. I gave it the second scrubbing using soap this time.

Look what I found in the process . . . 

As best as I can make out, it says:

Dec. 25, 1992

So going with my assumptions, it was a Christmas gift and made by "Andy". Now I really don't want to paint it. Maybe I'll just put a seal on it and leave it alone. I know I'm being sentimental, but these things are important to me. Things to ponder. I was going to paint it white and do some kind of decorating on it, now I don't know.

* * * * *

Hope you had a productive Friday Night.

Thanks for stopping by,

Wishing you a creative day.


Anonymous said...

I envy you your garden produce. The rosemary - if you're going to have a hard winter, don't plant it now. It won't get a good enough root system. Wait until spring. I had one on my deck for almost 4 years, and it froze last winter! I was sad because I haven't seen that variety around this year and I loved it. Congratulations on finishing block 8! It looks good ... and fuzzy!

Fiona said...

Hello Edi, popping in from FNSI... how lovely to have some home grown veges.... they always taste so much nicer... I love your stitching blocks... a lot of work...

Rosie said...

Great garden and the stitchery looks great.

e said...

Hi Susan,
Thank you. I'm very pleased with block 8.

Unfortunately, Rosemary doesn't survive even our mildest winters. I'll end up planting it in a pot and trying to survive winter indoors.

e said...

Hi Fiona.

Thank you. Yes, we love our fresh veggies. I'm already making tomato juice to freeze, and broccoli. It will be wonderful to have over the winter.

There is a lot of work in most of our stitching, I think we find it worth the time and effort. Very gratifying.

e said...

Thank you, Heather. As you can see, both are great loves of mine :)