Sunday, August 3, 2014

It's finally the weekend :)

Saturday . . . My day started rather slowly. Honey Do has been staying up later this week, and it has finally caught up with us. Normally, I get up and start my day by 6:30 or 7 a.m. - that's usually sleeping in for me. I got up around 6 to let the dogs out (they were calling), then I went back to bed. I just wasn't ready to start my day. We didn't get up untin 9:30 !!!! That's unheard of in my house.

Dogs out again, breakfast, dishes and time for the computer and my stitching. That's how I planned my day.  First movie was Philomena.

I absolutely LOVE Judi Dench. It's a good movie, very sad and not at all what I expected.

As for purusing the web, I found this really cute idea on my FB page.

These are bottles from a Chinese beer. I suggested a road trip, however, the closest location was 100 miles from home-one way !!! Honey Do suggested just purchasing the empties on line. I found them on e-bay for $4.00 each and got three of them. The shipping for all three was only $7.00. Grand total was less than $20.00. The only other thing I have to purchase are the wicks and copper tubing. Honestly, the tubing is probably in the garage :) I already have the torch fuel. Cute, simple project. . . and relatively inexpensive. Here's your link, if you are interested.

Second project I found:

I love odd shaped pillows. They add so much more interest.
Here's your link.

And my next great find:

This one only finishes to 47 x 47 inchest. With the addition of additional borders or rows, it can increase in size as big as you need. It is a very quick and easy quilt.  I had another find on FB.

My favorite color is blue. I thought I would use these charm packs and make the above quilt for my bed. I haven't done that yet. Not sure when that will get done, but I at least have a plan.

I won this charm pack a while back. My oldest niece said her bedroom is done in browns. I thought I'd make a quilt for her and her husband. In fact, I'm thinking about doing it for all three of my nieces. If I start in January, they could potentially be done by next Christmas. We'll see.

Another useful, made cute find.

Here's the link for this one. I love that she made it bigger and framed it. Should hang on our studio walls for easy access.

* * * * *

Honey Do asked for a salad for lunch using the leftover salmon I made the other night. No problem. One of his absolute favorites is Tuna Nicoise. I have a cookbook called Simply Salmon that included the recipe.

So I got to work. While eggs and potatoes cooked, I put the rest of the salad together. Hard boiled eggs are not difficult to make. I seem to be challenged with peeling them :(

This was a good day. . . a REALLY good day!!!

Ten perfectly cooked and peeled eggs. I don't think I've ever managed that before. Thank you for letting me pat myself on the back :)

And Honey Do's salad - Isn't is gorgeous :)

* * * * *

Sunday . . . I spent my afternoon working on my Tilda quilt and made chicken stock. I've been accumulating vegetables and chicken bits in the freezer and today was the day.

Using quart size freezer bags, I put up about 16 cups of stock. There's about two cups in each bag. I layed them flat in a plastic container for even freezing and space consideration.

At church this morning, I was gifted with two heads of cabbage and a handful of zucchini. Monday, I'll be making zucchini bread.

I worked on my Tilda quilt until I got row three done :) 
(the top row - the quilt is worked from the bottom to the top).

I LOVE this quilt. It's bright and happy and just makes me feel good.

* * * * *

Thanks for stopping by,

Wishing you a creative day.


Wendyb said...

and what a great weekend it was!!! everything you've been up to and planning to do.....and's my favourite too!!!! LOL funny that! must check out that movie...when it came out I'd earmarked it as one to watch and promptly forgot. you got lots done Edi........all in you've got to be happy with! xoxoxo sugary hugs
Wend :o)

e said...

Thank you, Wendy. It was a productive weekend and that feels really good. See you signed up for another swap :) I admire your courage. Not quite there yet, but was seriously considering that one. Maybe next round :)
Love and hugs.

Anonymous said...

Your Tilda looks great! You bought Lexington! I keep looking at it in every shop which carries it, and online, and I want it, but I haven't succumbed yet!

e said...

Thank you, Susan. Tilda is making me very heppy. It's just that kind of thing.
Yes, I bought Lexington. I couldn't beat the price and the charms are a great way to get a little of the whole collection and make it something spectacular - at least that's my intention :)
I don't shop much in the actual stores b/c of time and distance. I only have one "real" quilt shop that's less than 30 mins. away from home. Last time I went to the quilt store was with my sister for the shop hop and I spent over $300 !! I get overwhelmed and want it all. And the budget just doesn't allow for that kind of extravagence on a regular basis. Besides, I have a stash and plenty of UFOs to keep me busy. On-line shopping is all I allow myself and I still have to reign myself in.