Friday, August 8, 2014

Loosing time . . .

Is it really only August 8th? I feel like so much time has passed since my last post !!! Not that I'm disappointed. I hate not blogging for too many days in a row. That must mean I've been busy :)  How about you, have you gotten a lot of things accomplished?

Here's what I've been up to the last few days.

First, Bethlehem:

I found a very soft, fluffy baby yarn and I will be stitching randome sheep with this yarn. What do you think? I have to say that it looks much better in person - maybe it's the close-up?
The other sheep will be stitched in four plys of floss instead of the standard two. I tried it with two and they just didn't stand up next to the yarn so in order to make the knots fuller, I've decided to use four plys. I like it much better.

Next, Quilty Stitches:

I finally have block 12 finished. I used the suggested colors, but moved them around a bit because I didn't like the placement. Still not sure about this one.

Thursday, I was able to go to my favorite thrift store:

Isn't it absolutely beautiful? I saw it sitting on a shelf in the store. The frame caught my eye. I never, NEVER, find all those gorgeous frames you see on other peoples blogs and Pinterest. But this was a soft blue and caught my eye. Then I looked at it. It's counted cross !!!

I left the price on it - yes, that's $1.01. 

When I I turned it over, I could tell that it had been professionally matted and framed. Here's the framer's label. Notice they are in Texas . . . I'm in Ohio !!!! 

This piece has travelled. So now we speculate:  Did the stitcher make it for a gift? Perhaps a baby gift? Soft pinks and blue? Was it sent or delivered in person? It's hard to see all the details, but the bells and halos are stitched in metallic thread. As well as the wings and details on the dresses. There are white seed beads at the necks and hems of the dresses. The picture is double matted. 

Unfortuneately, the stitcher didn't sign or date the piece. And to make matters worse, I found it in a thrist shop . . . for $1.01 . . . and I had a 50% off my total purchase coupon ! ! !

Someone's disposition of this beautiful piece is now MY treasure. I've decided that it will hang in my home, in a prominent place. To appreciate all the time and effort and love put into this piece and to remind me of it's message:  Make a Joyful Noise. And I will be making that joyful noise, because it is now mine to treasure and love.

Friday night supper:

I told you last weekend I was gifted with cabbage and zucchini. I made cabbage and noodles for dinner one night this week. Thursday, I made a couple of loaves of zucchini bread. One for us, one for the sweet lady who shared with us. And zucchini pic for dinner on Friday. It's Honey Do's favorite. It turned out perfectly -in my humble opinion :)

* * * * *

Friday evening also found a UFO finish :)


These are two pillow cases that I stitched several years ago.

I found just the right fabric to finish them off with. I started by making ruffles, but they just were too much.

This evening, it all came together. Sometimes you just have to stop trying so hard to finish something and let the project "talk" to you. I finally listened and heard :)

Instead of ruffles, I just laid the trim flat against the case and trimmed with a little medium size ricrac. I absolutely love how they turned out.

* * * * *

Nina has been in the kitchen "helping" this week. She likes when I stay home and cook and bake.

Thanks for stopping by,

Wishing you a creative weekend.


Wendyb said...

time does slip away doesn't it? Loving your Bethlehem and the personal touches youre adding to each're amazing! and what a find?!! So wonderful to find such a treasure and be able to love it as much as the creator intended, even if it wasn't gifted to you was in the end! Yes, projects sometimes just have to have their say! Yummy dinners......I can see why Nina loves hanging around the kitchen....mummy's a great cook! xox

Anonymous said...

I love your pillow case finish, so complimentary to the stitching. That XS piece with the angels is amazing, but the price! I never find anything that great. =) I will have to come visit Ohio. Lillian finds wonderful things, too! Your zucchini dinner looks so tempting. I like the yarn on the sheep, but I think the faces will have to be heavier threads, too, or they won't stand out in the midst of it. You have texture in some of the other blocks, too, so this was probably a good addition.

e said...
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e said...

Wendy, Thank you for your perspective on the "treasure". I hadn't thought of it that way, but what a beautiful thought and perspective. As always, I appreciate all your positive comments. You do lift my spirits.
Love and hugs x2

e said...

Thank you, Susan.
I feel the same way when I read other blogs and see all their wonderful finds and feel like there isn't anything like that here. But I was definitely blessed with this one. The zucchini pie tasted as good as it looked.
I will definitely consider your suggestion of using heavier thread - I was worried about loosing their little faces too. Thank you for the suggestion.