Monday, October 13, 2014

Dueling Sewing Machines

Today was a legal holiday in the United States and since Sister works for a municipal court, she got the day off and asked if I would help her finish a quilt she started. Of course, I said yes. 

In order to help her get some sewing done quickly we set up our machine opposite it other and went to "dueling". She sewed up one side and I down the other and before you know it the top was done !!

My bed is queen size and her quilt covers the top and down both sides.  She's a new quilter and did all this work on her own. This is only her second quilt !!  She's doing a remarkable job !! So proud of her.

We got to the sandwich stage and found that she was short of backing fabric. Since the top was so much bigger than she anticipated, we decided not to go out and purchase more fabric but to use the remnants she had left and came up with this strip on the back. Once it was all said and done, more than six hours had gone by and she has all the parts for her quilt. We'll get together in a few weekds to sandwich it on a flat surface - there wasn't enough room anywhere in my house to do that - and get it basted for her. She was a very happy lady when she left for home. :)

* * * * *

When I wasn't helping Sister with the quilt, I managed to get some chores done and some stitchery on the first of the final four blocks for my Tilda quilt. So happy to be working on it. I had a pretty successful week with Jenny's tutorial, so am looking forward to giving some more of my projects some much needed attention.

* * * * * 

We are almost half way throug October !!! To help us stay focused/get focused there's a little gathering every third Friday - Friday Night Sew-In.  It is being hosted by the lovely Wendy. I'm positive she won't mind if I extend the invite to you :) Head on over and get all the details and sign-up. Looking forward to a crowded house :)

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Anonymous said...

I suppose I shouldn't be surprised that October is also flying by! What a great day with your sister. I love her quilt and the backing solution. This is the first time I've realized how large those Tilda blocks are!