Sunday, October 19, 2014


7 a.m. Sunday morning.

Sunrise takes on a whole new appearance mid-October.

It's been grey and wet all week - looks like more of the same today.

Temperature on Saturday was only in the mid-40s - a little unseasonably cool. 

I don't feel like we've had our Indian Summer yet - temperatures have only gotten to the low 80s and dropped again into the 40s. But there is still time, of course. There is still end of the season gardening to do, it's difficult to do in the cold and wet but will still need to be done. I've decided the tomatoes are finished. It was a good harvest throughout September and early October for them.  Broccoli is still sharing a handful every three or four days, but almost there. It does well in the cooler temperatures. There are a few squash and peppers that need to come out before the next frost, and finally the carrots before the ground freezes.

Time to get ready to go to church.

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Wishing you a restful, creative day.

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