Wednesday, October 1, 2014


The year is flying by and soon will be just a memory. How are you marking the time? Days? Weeks? Events? Seasons? Projects?
We're in the last quarter of the year - finishing up yard work for the season . . .  winterizing for the coming snow and colder temperatures . . . getting projects organized for Christmas gift giving.

To that end, I'm thinking goal lists. Some projects have been completed on my general list, but there are still projects in progress:


(Block 9)

I'll be working on Block 10 this month. I'm very excited to have been able to keep up with this project and am looking forward to the next stage.


(Row 4)

Row 5 has been prepped. I'm excited to see this one move on to its next stage also. I rummaged around today and found what I think will be the borders for this quilt. It won't require any sashing since the blocks are sewn to each other. A much different look than I'm used to, but I really like it. I will also be experimenting with a quilting technique I saw on Jenny's blog. She's sharing a way to take all the stress out of hand quilting.

This is the October and final row.
Not so excited about this one - not because I don't like the project, I really do, but because I have fallen so far behind on it's construction. I have four out of ten blocks completed. Not a very good track record. Since this is the last row, there is still hope that it will become a flimsy before the end of the year. 

This one is hosted by my dear friend, Wendy. These are gorgeous minis that I'm planning on making into a table runner for my table this year. They are small, quick projects. Very do-able before the holidays.

Christmas gifts

They are mostly planned, just need to execute and make them a priority.

* * * * * 
I'm adding a new goal for October and timing is really good :) 
My father-in-law has been helping with some minor repairs during his visit and investigating different types of insurance. One is for home owners and will require an in-home inspection some time in October. That has lead me to my new goal for the month.  Ruth of Living Well, Spending Less is hosting 31 Days to a Clutter-Free Life challenge. I have gotten really bad about putting things away and even more with getting rid of things. This challenge suggests 30-60 minutes per day of decluttering.

(Image from

I've neglected things for a lot of reasons especially sewing and stitching instead of keeping house and "de-cluttering". We are in the midst of changing seasons - perfect timing. That means less yard work, less gardening, more time indoors. That time can be used for de-cluttering. With only 30-60 minutes per day you see progress and don't get burned out. Less clutter leads to more creative space and energy. Why store things you don't need or aren't using. Motivation will be provided by daily emails to keep us on track and of course, seeing the progress.

* * * * * 

All these goals lead to thoughts of goals for the coming year. 
My main focus will be on the ever-growing list of UFOs. They are on the current goal list, but I haven't made nearly enough progress. I have plans for working in some new projects and of course, all the talent out there in blogland doesn't ever have a shortage of new projects, but my main focus will be on getting as many UFOs done as I possible can.
I have several quilts in various states of completion and want to see some fruit for my labor.

Thanks so much for stopping by,

Wishing you a creative day.

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Anonymous said...

For me, probably 31 years. LOL But I applaud you for following along on that. You have a lot of wonderful things planned for October! Good luck, but I know you will finish all or most of it, and then some!