Thursday, February 5, 2015

Decisions . . . decisions . . . decisions . . .

It seems lately, that I don't have time enough to blog as much as I would like. There's a lot projects going on as there usually is, but I'm not stressing out about them. like I did last year trying to get them all done.

My goal for this year was to enjoy the process more - quality versus quantity mentality.
 So I'm taking my time and really enjoying what I'm working on.

One of those projects is the Quilter's Garden block swap. This month's block is a small 5.5 x 5.5 inches and of course, the colors have to be just right. 


Every block I've made has featured the lovely little vine print and this block is no exception. The orange-ish tonal matches the buds perfectly as does the green leaf pattern. This month's design needs something to set it off and I originally chose the black pin dot, however conferring with BFF, we came to the decision that the brown dot better served the purpose. All the components are now cut out and ready to sew. Hopefully by week's end I'll have a block to share with you. It's adorable :)

The next decision came about on it's own and rather surprisingly. I made the decision to stitch Jenny's Vintage Kitchen. The second little block has been published and I drew it off following my choice of using a white background fabric. I really liked how the first block turned out.

Then I started playing with my chosen fabrics . . . 


I just LOVE the green/yellow/white plaid and the soft buttery yellow linen. So I made the decision to stitch on the yellow linen . . .

I'm still using my chosen green floss and I will probably go back and finish stitching the white since they are started and turn it into a gift. But I'm feeling really good about my decision to switch colors for the background fabric.

I've been doing a bit of updating seasonal decorating. Door wreaths have been changed . . . the flags decorating the exterior have been changed . . . all the Christmas is finally put away for another season.

This was one of the projects I worked on last year for myself. I used a couple of the designs for my sister and BFF as pillows and searched for a couple more to make mine a wall hanging. There is so much pleasure in the completion of a project that you can then take out year after year and be happy with the work you put in it and the joy you get out of seeing it the next season.

Thank you for stopping by,

Wishing you a day filled with creativity.


Anonymous said...

I have the whole set of snowmen that go with the Let It Snow one. =) I like your choices for the pincushion block, but I think the black would have been fine, too. I haven't even looked for mine yet. I'm still trying to catch up with other things. You're working on some darling things. I don't suppose you'll decide to mix the yellow and white backgrounds in Jenny's project?

Wendyb said...

lovin ALL the decisions you've made....I think they work perfectly! Can't wait to see your finished blocks....that one of Jen's is just gorgeous isn't it?
xox sugary sweet ones :o)