Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Good beginnings

How do you feel about


I think most of us would say we have a love-hate relationship with Monday.
For the most part, I'm on the love side, but there is that ocassional Monday that I really wish for the weekend.

My week is starting out very productive and positive. I spent my day alternating between chores/weekend recovery and stitching.  I even got some gardening time in, as the gardens have pretty much been let go all summer. Other distractions and honestly, a pure lack of motivation on my part. But it's not too late in the season to bring them back to their beauty and enjoy them.

As for stitching, I spent time working on my September goal.

I spent Sunday evening preparing my "palette".
Monday, I managed to get all of the leaves blanket stitched. The fabric and fusible webbing got pretty thick in places and by the end of the day, my hands were pretty sore. But I'm very pleased with my progress.

Tuesday, I will stop at the local craft shop and try to match up brown "tree" and try to stitch it. I have several other errands to run and a training class for Bible study to attend.

I'm using the "fallen" leaf as my quilt label.

New patterns for my row-alongs were sent Tuesday morning, so I'm excited to get those started, as well as the final block of Jenny's Vintage Kitchen

I see another finish in the very near future.

Thanks for stopping by,

Wishing you a day filled with creativity.


Anonymous said...

A busy Monday! I wish I could say the same. All my schedules and plans keep getting disrupted, mostly but child #2. =P

Allie-oops Designs said...

I adore Mondays - everyone here goes back to work, lol. I can sit and stitch with no guilt. I love how your tree is looking, very colorful and great in batiks! Were you having trouble pulling the needle through? I use a finger cot [office supply store] on my index finger, it has saved my hand and I can stitch much longer. It really helps grab that needle!