Thursday, September 10, 2015

New school year

The beginning of the school year not only brings changes to students but to families and their routines as well.

For me, it means getting really organized and making good use of my time. My changes come a couple of weeks after school starts. Tuesday was my Bible study workshop for all the leaders, those working with adults and children.
Working with the children means I have to prepare a lesson following the guidelines, learning songs to sing with the children, activities and I also have to do my own study for a leaders group that is part of the weekly meeting and training. We met on Tuesday because Monday was the holiday. Going forward, the leaders will meet on Monday and Tuesday will be the actual group dates for non-leadership. So it will be two full mornings each week dedicated to meeting at church. The rest of the week will be finding good blocks of time to study and prepare. I've chosen that time to be when Honey Do leaves for work. Then the rest of the day is mine. 

By noon Wednesday, all my household chores were done, I met with the gas company to check my gas meter to make sure it was in proper working condition.

So once the daily chores were done, it freed me up to start working on the Spring Row-Along.

There are lots of little pieces for this one.

In keeping with the theme that I have limited time these days, I made my Wednesday very productive. In fact, I got way more accomplished than expected.

I never expected to get the entire row completed !!!

I still want to do some embellishing with embroidery and possibly beads. We'll see. I also want to look at the original design again because there are some applique pieces I haven't incorporated yet. However, the row is considered finished.

Going back to my "pick-a-pile", I finally have a tree on the first spring row.

I've been wanting to do this for some time and am finally getting around to it. I still need to do the embroidery, but it will be done by week's end.

September is off to a very good start. I checked my ShoeBox and only need two more fat quarters to complete the main part of the swap. Now I have to figure out some "surprises" for my partner. Very excited to have so much accomplished on that particular project.

Thursday, BF and I have plans for a meet. We are planning on starting a new table runner. She's been working on needlebooks for Christmas gifts. A new project for herself is in order. I've selfishly been finishing up projects for me :)

Thanks for stopping by,

Wishing you a day filled with creativity.

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Anonymous said...

I wish we lived on the same block. I'd get more done sewing with you. ;)