Sunday, September 13, 2015

It's a good weekend

Back here I let you know that my computer would be out of commission due to a conflict between Rocky and the adapter.

I immediately shopped and ordered a new adapater and was blessed with its arrival in Saturday's post. I didn't realize how much company Netflix was while I stitched and sewed and worked at the dining room table during the day :)

The weekend forecast was for rain and much cooler temperatures. Highs during the day are mid 60sF and the overnight lows are in the 50sF. We are LOVING this weather. Rain was forecast for Friday evening, all day and evening Saturday and cool (mid 50sF) and overcast on Sunday.

There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with this weather. In fact, I relish in it. It is the perfect excuse to stay home and indoors to do what I love.

Friday evening I cut out all the pieces parts for the Americana row.
Yes, Rocky helped with sorting . . . 

and plenty of distraction. He's a comical little fellow and I love him beyond measure :)

Saturday . . .

The three blocks of "Betsy Ross" aka Sunbonnet Sue were pieced.
Once I got over the initial confustion I seem to have with every paper-pieced block, they went together quickly and smoothly. All three were accomplished on Saturday. I still have some detail work to do, but they are done !!!
And personally, I think they are adorable.

As leaders and enders, I worked on 9-patches.

I managed to only get 10 done this time, but that just means the blocks were easier to do. I should have a nice little inventory of them . . . I'll have to check.

Hope everyone is having a good weekend, too.

Thanks for stopping by,

Wishing you a day filled with creativity.


Melody said...

Lovely stitching. Rocky is adorable.

Allie-oops Designs said...

LOL - a little conflict between Rocky and the adapter - that made me laugh! What a stinker. I too watch a lot of Netflix while I stitch - right now I'm watching endless episodes of the Dick Van Dyke show, I'd forgotten just how funny it was! Glad you got your adapter so quick.

I'm not loving this weather at all - makes me ache, but at least the hot flashes are shorter and a wee bit welcome at times, lol! Your little sunbonnets are so cute, hon, I can't wait to see more. Your nine-patches are great, that remains one of my favorite blocks ever. So timeless and simple!

Anonymous said...

Oh, those were YOUR Sues! I didn't realize that. I like them in the blocks. I haven't done even one yet.