Monday, December 7, 2015

Solitary Saturday . . .

I was up at 3 a.m. to see Honey Do and Newton off to another hunting trip. 
Unfortunately no luck in getting a deer. The venison would have been nice for the winter and would probably carry us through most of the next year.
As in football, there's always next year :)

I went back to bed and tried to sleep. I did finally and rose about 7:30 a.m.
Dogs and I went outside. It was cold and foggy and overcast - and stayed that way most of the day.
Good excuse to stay indoors and get something done. 

Progress was extremely slow.
I did get the flags switched out, and the wreaths.


Then I went to work on the basement.
I sorted, purged and put away enough to clear off one of my tables.
I still have a lot more to do, but this is a really good start.


The cutting ou process for this year's pajama parade has begun. I'm hoping to have them all cut ou be Tuesday and spend Wednesday sewing. I'm going to Mom's on the 1th and would like them sewn and wrapped. I need to make 12 pairs.

Monday afternoon was spent sewing little pillows. I had cut 5 inch squares a while back, so I didn't need to cut anything. They will be used with the three and four year olds at my Bible study to help with large muscle activities.

And they are already done :)

While I cleaned the basement, I found these beautiful cutwork linens. 
They are going to require the perfect project. In the meantime, I've added them to my collection, which is growing.

And look at this little cutey. I found him at The Shabby Rose Studio.
Fee does such beautiful work and is such an inspiration. I can't wait to try some of her ideas in the new year.

Thanks for stopping by,

Wishing you a day filled with creativity.


Anonymous said...

What a gray day! I'm sorry they didn't get a deer, but they bonded over the disappointment, I'm sure. =) Do they hunt other things throughout the year? I don't know what seasons there are in Ohio. Looks like you made a lot of progress on your day alone! Best of luck sewing PJs tomorrow!

Allie-oops Designs said...

Oh I'm so sorry they didn't get any deer - tell them next year, come sit in my front yard about 4am, there will be lots of deer eating apples. Bam bam, food for the year, lol.

We've had very dense fog the last three days - I really love fog. Your flag and wreath are darling!! And your progress in cleaning is making me want to clean too.