Saturday, January 2, 2016

2016 . . . goals

Over the holidays, I had numerous personal goals . . .

I wanted to finish reading a book that I felt had been long overdue for being finished . . . ACCOMPLISHED :)

I had an audio book to finish . . .
and . . . I finished a second and started a third !!!!

Next, I wanted to clean up the various piles of projects taking over the living space of my home . . . ACCOMPLISHED :)

I wanted to finish the 9-patches that had been cut and waiting, leaders and enders . . . 


The living space is started to look like that again. I still have my wool BOM to finish and the quilt/quilt rack are still up in the living room. Those will be the only projects in this space from now on.
My sewing machine will be relocated from the dining room table to my sewing room in the basement.

So that leaves me . . . 

For the new year, I'm going back to my original method of making a list of goals. 
I feel like it helped me to stay on track with what I wanted to get accomplished.

1. At least one Christmas/birthday gift per month - list is already made. 
I'm working on gathering the flannels for pajamas. The ornament gift tags are made.

2.  UFOs . . . 

3.  Wool BOM

4.  UFOs . . .

5.  BOM (new)

6. UFOs . . .

7.  BOM (new)

8. UFOs . . .

9. (new)

10. UFOs . . .

Do you get the feeling I have a few UFOs that need my attention? For my purposes, UFOs are going to be any project that isn't completely finished. No "year old" markers. They aren't finished, they are UFOs.

For all my effort to get them done the last couple of years, I've made a dent, but only a small one. I have a tendency to fall in love with the next new project, so the UFOs are always put on the back burner.
It may be time to go through them - thoroughly - and maybe purge a few (or more) that I know I will never get finished.

I started cleaning, purging and reorganizing my sewing space in November. I only started, I didn't have a lot of time to work on it but a beginning is a good place to be. I will continue to work on it and get some organization and prioritizing so that I can have an even more productive year that the last. 
I felt that 2015 was very successful and with the help of blogs like SewBitterSweetDesigns that sponsored A Lovely Year of Finishes, I was able to focus at least on one UFO per month.
I need to continue setting those goals for myself and see what can be accomplished.

I'm going to continue to sort, reorganize and purge my UFOs. As for organizing them, they will be labelled and put in their own section so they can easily be pulled. I have a list of current obligations and in between each of these, I will be working on a UFO project to completion.
It's going to be a productive and less cluttered year.

I spent New Year's day "shopping" Pinterest. Always on the lookout for new ideas and projects. I'm not starting anything new there. Mostly ideas for gifts and supplies I already have.

Saturday, I shopped e-Bay for needle cases. I found some beautiful antique examples. So that got the creative juices flowing and requesting Honey Do use his magic and talent and see what he could do for me.


Needless to say . . . he didn't disappoint :)
He turned these from acrylic pen blanks, put in threads so the cap can be screwed securely in place and I have new needle cases.

Aren't they gorgeous?

I'm only a little prejudice :)

Thanks for stopping by.


Anonymous said...

Wow, they ARE gorgeous. I know he could sell those to all your friends, if he wanted to! I like your 2016 plan, and your organization this week. Good for you! There's a form at All People Quilt that I liked for listing projects I want to do. It says UFOs, but I don't think everything on the list has to be a UFO! I'm thinking I will list 12 things, alternating UFOs and new projects, and then I'll have my son pick a number, or do it with a random generator, and that's the one of those I'll do for the month. Or maybe not. Maybe I'll just grab a bag of blocks that have been donated, and THAT will be my project each month. =) Like the red background ones.

Heidi said...

Those needle cases are the bomb!
I hope you will check out my new linkup: One Monthly Goal!