Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Monday goals . . . Tuesday goals . . . let's keep on, keepin' on

Monday was much more productive than I dared hope. 
These were my goals for Monday:

1. Post introduction post for Art with Fabric Blog Hop


2. Sandwich Pam's quilt


The backing for this quilt needed to be a little larger, so I cut and pieced the back. I incorporated a couple of left of blocks from the kids so I could use them up. Ready for pin basting and trimming.

3.  Mending


I had a fitted sheet that I wanted to add elastic to the corners to prevent it from pulling out.

4. Make PJs
I didn't have time to get to these. 

5. Christmas wall hangings

Threads were chosen to match the background fabrics in these little projects.

It's been a long time since I started these. I needed to see where I was. Stitching was done by machine this time around. There are quite a few of these little "hats" to stitch. I did them one color at a time, instead of each project from start to finish. I didn't have to change thread as often. 

Next step is to embroider all the lettering.

I also did some baking between loads of laundry.

Pear and cranberry clafoutis.  Can't wait to dig in :)

On the agenda for Tuesday:

Since it's Bible Study day, and our class is volunteering in the children's program there wouldn't be much time between daily chores and meals to do much. I did manage to get some time in on the snowman stitchery that has been hanging around too long.

It felt really good to do some stitching. It's been quite a while since I've had any interest in doing some.

I also managed to transplant a peony tree from my front garden to a back garden.

All my flower beds are in need of serious overhaul. Unfortunately, I'm loosing interest in them to quilting and stitching. Hopefully this will take because it was blooming beautifully in the spring in the front garden. This one gets lots of sunshine so I hope that it will thrive and encourage the bees to visit us. They are risking extinction from lack of flowers and pesticides. I need them around to not only encourage the flowers but the blooms on my vegetables.

For Wednesday goals:

1. Mending - yes, there's still more. I'm breaking it up over the week.

2. Christmas PJs - two pairs to cut out.

3. Wall Hanging - begin embroidery.

4. I Love Home - Block 1 - cut out the pieces

5. Growing Up QAL - read the instructions.

That should keep me busy all day. The forecast is for rain and a perfect excuse to stay home. I do have to run to the grocery store and library, but I'll make quick trips of them first thing.

Thanks for stopping by,

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Anonymous said...

Oh, I hope you got your rain. You are quite a bit cooler than I am. It was mostly sunny and 82 today! You are getting SO much done, congratulations! I like the snowman and can hardly wait to see more of him. Keep on going!