Monday, January 1, 2018

Happy New Year

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My wish and prayer is that everyone had a wonderful Christmas and holiday season. I don't know about you all, but this year has flown.  We are so busy, I think we just work our way right through without even realizing it.

December was more than a bit of a blur. I was anticipating a full week between my last Bible study class and Christmas break from school to finish sewing, shopping, wrapping, baking with mom and decorating the house.

I was offered an opportunity to help with an inventory that was only two weeks of employment. I jumped at the opportunity. Consequently, some things suffered but only due to time. I did what I could after work. The job ended a few days early, so I could play catch up between appointments and errands.

A Friday night marathon finished Honey Do's quilt. He had an overnight sleep study, so I had free time to devote to the project. He came home Saturday morning with breakfast, made coffee, then helped me finish wrapping Newton's gifts. How blessed am I?

We had a beautiful, white Christmas, the coldest we've had in years and the whitest. A very relaxing, quiet day at home. Mom was supposed to spend the day with us, but she's really been struggling to manage pain in her shoulders and hip.  We spent Tuesday with her, my youngest niece and her boys.

I spent the week between Christmas and New Year's catching working on projects that I wasn't able to finish and tried preparing for upcoming goals. I wasn't home as much as I would have liked, but Mom is a major priority for me these days, putting my wants on the back burner. And I'm ok with that. There honestly are enough hours  in the day to work on my projects.

* Thermoweb Christmas wall hanging

* Dresden CQJP

Here's to a blessed year, filled with lots of fun projects, and

Especially kindness and love toward everyone.

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Allie-oops Designs said...

Beautiful projects hon, love the jammies!!! I'm sorry to hear your Mum is struggling with pain, I'll add her to my prayers. Mine is struggling as well.

Anonymous said...

Your thermoweb ornaments are all so pretty. I like the colors you're using in the CQ, too. Did I say I would look for some and send them to you? Did I do it? LOL Sieve over here, pretending to be a brain.