Monday, January 9, 2023

Blog Writing Challenge - Weekly Goals

 Day 3 

My Machine

Janome Horizon (8900)


It has all the bells and whistles!!


Fancy stitches . . . 

and all these buttons for stitch length and width, needle placement (I love this feature). 
Needle up and down, reverse, thread cutter !! 

But my favorite feature is the deep throat!!

All my previous machines have had a small throat and when you're quilting a queen size quilt it's a major struggle.
How did I choose and get my machine?
Honey Do was the biggest catalyst in its acquisition.
You see, I'm a major worry wort . . .  where will we get the money?, how can we afford it? etc., etc.
Well, when Honey Do sets his mind to it, he usually gets what he wants. And he wanted this for me!!

One Saturday, a few years ago, I was working on a quilt. Or should I say struggling with a quilt on a small Brother machine gifted to me by a friend that didn't need or want it. I was struggling to quilt, keep the quilt on the table, keep the machine on the table, breaking needles, messing up stitches. Honey Do had been working on something in the garage and took a break to come in the house and caught me in the act. He asked if I needed a new, better machine. I hemmed and hawed and said yes, someday. 

He went back outside and came back in shortly, very shortly and said "come on, let's go. Do you know where we can get the machine you want?"

I didn't have a specific machine in mind. I hadn't had a chance to talk to any of my trusted quilting friends who know a lot more about machines than I do. But I did know a place and still hemmed and hawed and he still said "come on". He had no clue how expensive these machines can get.

We spent the next few hours in the store, shopping machines. He talked to the store owner and I worked with a very patient sales lady.
The store owner suggested a model that had come in as a trade in, after making sure that we didn't have to have a brand new one. It had been serviced and had a warranty and saved us about half.

In my opinion, the machine had more than I ever dreamed I would need. Honey Do made sure I had everything and then some that I needed. He signed my up for a quilt class so I could learn my machine, a table for it to sit in, a rolling cart to go back and forth to the monthly class and the feeling of being well taken care of and well loved.

She has been a work horse and made many quilts, many baby quilts, many pajamas and will make many more.
I thank God every time I use this machine for the love with which she was purchased and all the many blessings she has afforded me to provide. 
God has blessed me richly !!
Weekly Goals
1. Embroidery/Stitching
- Daisy Days BOM -
three of seven blocks drawn

- Crazy quilt 
block has been prepped for stitching

2. Sew one garment
fabric and pattern chosen

3. Crochet
- Grocery bag - DONE

and a second one begun, that would be the pinkish/orange and ball of yarn :)
- baby afghan (gift)
yarn chosen, it's going to be a boy, so I'm doing it in blues.
4. Quilt
- one baby quilt (donation)
I wasn't planning on collecting any new patterns this year. Then I saw this . . . 
The pink blocks I found already made will be the base of a baby quilt and I'm going to try and work out this cutey for the center of the quilt.
Those are the things I worked on last week.  
These are this week's goals:
1. Daisy Days - continue drawing off designs. If time allows, start stitching the first block.
2. Crazy Quilt Block
Begin stitching
3. One garment/month
cut out the pattern and begin sewing
4. Crochet - grocery bag #2
continue stitching 
5. Baby Quilt
draw off design and prep block
It's a short list, but should be plenty to do this week.



Susan said...

I just love hearing the machine story again. I love your husband ... for you, of course. LOL He is such a good guy. You're getting it cleaned regularly and doing it in between and changing needles, and all that good stuff, I know. Your projects are moving so much faster than mine. LOL Everything, even snails on fabric Moira buys are moving faster than I am.

I loved HedgeHugs, too! Can't beat free, either. That sounds like a good idea for the baby quilt.

Moira said...

Yeah on the machine! Honey Do is such a good guy. =) Love that block for the quilt center.