Monday, January 30, 2023

Day 7 - Blogging Challenge; Weekly Goals Jan 21-27, Jan. 28 - Feb 4

Day 7

Dream Project

My dream project isn't really a project as much as trying and learning something new. I would like someday to learn to use a long arm quilting machine and do a whole quilt. I haven't worked out all the details because it's not a priority at the moment. It's not in the budget and I haven't researched any of the different machines available. Many of the local quilt shops that sell them also have classes to learn how to use them, rent time and use theirs, so that's always an option available to me. 


Weekly Goals

January 21-27

1. Daisy Days

- tint block - DONE, I also started stitching

2. Crazy Quilt BOM
- continue stitching - Progress made :)

3. Baby Quilt
- sandwich and quilt - DONE

I managed to finish the entire quilt :)

4. Sew One Garment - DONE

T-shirt - back

T-shirt - front
It's way too big, but it was an experiment with gifted fabric. So I'll wear it around the house and in the garden.

5. Grocery Tote #2 - DONE

I used up more of the leftover cotton yarn. I also used a different stitch that the original and like it much better. Overall, I'm pleased with my efforts to follow the pattern and try something new.

6. Baby Afghan - DONE and delivered

 I used leftover yarn from the big afghan Sister and I made during autumn. She gifted hers to her husband, I just put my on the back of the sofa. Anyway, this is for an acquaintance who is having her first child, a boy, in March and I just wanted to do something for someone because I could. I delivered it today and she was thrilled :) That made me feel good. There was a time when I wouldn't have gone out on a limb like that. Life is too short not to be kind.

How cute is this ?!?!? I've linked you to Joy's web page that links you to the tutorial for this project. It was a little fiddly at times, but I just think it's adorable. I can't wait to make more. It's very scrap friendly and is going to hold all kinds of little gifts for whoever gets it.
Sister Time
Woolie Christmas Gnomes
Block 1 - DONE

 I'm sorry, my computer wouldn't let me rotate this picture. The applique pins you see across the gnome are for placement of the light bulbs for the string he is holding. I had a scrap piece of fake silky fur and that's what we used for his beard and will continue to use throughout the project. I think I need to loosen my stitches so the wool background doesn't pucker.
All in all, a very productive week. So that brings me to next weeks goals . . . 
Goals for January 28 - February 4
1. Daisy Days - continue stitching block 1
2. Crazy Quilt BOM - continue stitching
3. Sew One Garment - choose pattern and fabric
4. Mending - get as much done as possible
5. Read - finish book
6. "TV Tray" projects 
Sister Time - finish stitch Gnomes block 2
Since this week falls into both months, I decided to do some finishing up of projects that have been sitting around and waiting their turn and get ready for February. So odds and ends this week. 

Have a good week.



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Susan said...

That was a really good week for you! Sometimes in the garden in the heat, you want something loose and too big! I bet you learned a lot in making that shirt. The gnome block is fabulous - love his beard. You got so much done! I hope this week winds up a few things and sets you up for a great February!