Friday, January 13, 2023

Blog Writing Challenge - Weekly Goals

Day 4

Favorite Tools 

This took a little thought because there are so many wonderful tools out there. Many of which I've never even tried. I did come up with a list:

Wonder clips - I love these. Again, Honey Do has some responsibility here. I put them on a Christmas list many years ago and he purchased a tin of 100 small ones. I use them regularly, especially when binding a quilt. I've graduated to some bigger sizes, but don't have many of them.



Rotary cutter and mats - What's better for cutting straight lines, because I couldn't even if my life depended on it. I have several cutters and just as many mats. There is always a mat on my work tables and I use it for more than just cutting fabric. It's a ruler after all :)


Wool pressing mats - another wonderful tool in my studio. I wish they made them bigger, although I do have one that I need to put on my ironing board. It's meant to be cut to fit, but I really don't want to cut into it.


Sewing machine - where would I be without it? It allows me so much creativity.




And a couple more that I thought of after I made my list and that I have been using recently.


Quilting gloves - these really help me to move along that queen size quilt that seems to have a mind of her own.


Brown micron pens - these are wonderful for marking, but especially for drawing off patterns. The micron pens come in multiple tip sizes and colors, but the brown are a favorite among those of us that embroider. 


How this week went:

1. Daisy Days

six of eight designs drawn 


2. Crazy Quilt

no further progress


3. Sew one garment

different fabric chosen, I didn't have enough in the original choice

pattern pieces all cut out, ready to sew


4. Crochet

continuing to make progress on second grocery shopping bag


5. Baby Quilt

applique pieces all cut out



That's it for this week. 

Have a happy and safe weekend. 


1 comment:

Susan said...

Oh that Rocky! LOL I like your list of tools and would agree with them, though I don't often use the wool mat, not even sure where it's hiding right now. All of my cutters are Olfa, and all are 45 mm regular blades. And I use all of them. LOL

You made good progress on moving some projects along this week, especially prepping your blocks. Somehow, I just do one at a time, never trace them all. If I'm going to lose my block, I'd prefer to do it without the pattern tracing time. And yes, I do often lose the pre-cut blocks I made for a project. LOL I have to get some more fabric for that very reason.