Monday, January 16, 2023

Day 5 Blog Writing Challenge - Weekly Goals

 Day 5

First Projects

First projects . . .  they were garments in high school. I haven't though about this for a very long time. My first project - start to finish - was in high home economics classes. But my first experiences came with Mom at her sewing machine. She still has the machine and I did lots of sewing on it all through high school and even beyond. Anyway, I cut threads for Mom while she sewed, both of us always very careful.

Mom was always making something. Clothes for us, cooking, baking, gardening, reading, knitting, crocheting. Later, when we were all grown and on our own she did a lot of embroidery. Can you see where I'm going? I do a lot of those things these days.

My first sewing project  was a pair of tailored trousers in high school. My first embroidery was actually a free needlepoint kit of Raggedy Ann. Boy I remember struggling with getting the stitches going in the right direction. Later when Mom started selling embroidery kits through Creative Circle, I helped her make samples. I remember her trying to teach me the zigzag pattern for a crocheted afghan. I've always dabbles with needle and thread of some sort. And that's not likely to end any time soon.


Goals for Jan. 7-13

1. Daisy Days - draw blocks 6 and 7 - DONE

2. Crazy Quilt BOM - begin stitching - No

3. Sew garment - finish this week - Started

4. Grocery tote #2 - finish this week - 

lots of progress, but not done yet. 

5. Baby afghan - begin this week - Yes

6. Baby quilt - assemble applique block - DONE


Goals for Jan. 14-20 

1. Daisy Days - draw blocks 8 and 9

2. Crazy Quilt BOM - begin stitching

3. Sew one garment - finish this week

4. Grocery tote #2 - finish this week

5. Baby afghan - finish this week

6. Baby quilt - applique block

7. Sister time - Assemble quilt block for new quilt

- Finish Woolie Gnomes block 1


That should keep me out of trouble and at home this week.


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Susan said...

That should definitely keep you out of trouble! I love that sister time is on your list. In my case, it was my aunt, though I watched my mother embroider and learned a great love for that from her.