Thursday, May 18, 2023

It's Not All About Quilting !!



Unfortunately, it's not . . .


Almost two years ago, Honey Do and I purchased our first home together. It was a scary and exciting time. Our forever home (at least on this earth). This is where we will retire (I already have) and die here. Our goals are simple, take this time now and make the home for whoever is left as done and secure as possible so nothing major has to be fixed or replaced beyond normal maintenance. We the roof the first autumn. Next is replacing the boiler. Doors and windows seem to be okay for now. We may or may not do them in the future.


In the meantime, it's spring, middle of May. That means gardens and yard work have begun in full force. And there are lots of them. How many will remain is still under consideration. The front flower garden is huge and may need to be downsized at some point. They all need cleaned up from fall and winter.


The last couple of weeks has me focused on the vegetable garden. We've moved about four yards of soil. Honey Do did a wonderful job of building and installing some much needed supports.


We purchased leftover garden soil from the neighbor. He got more than he needed and we were in need of more and just hadn't ordered it yet. Perfect timing. So this bed has been filled. The only additions are the raised beds. This section was here last year, we are just adding the retaining wall to make it a little more user friendly.
Some planting has been done.
The lower bed has been tilled and planted. Marigolds around the perimeter, rows of corn an tomatoes fill the interior.

A couple more raised beds have lettuce and herbs.

The upper garden has a raised bed. There are some perennial herbs and pepper plants. In the foreground are some perennial flowers (lobelia, dwarf lavender). I have more soil order to fill the gaps in the upper garden. Then the rest of the plants we purchased can go in.

I'll work the remainder around the strawberry patch.
Spring florals were beautiful, too, unfortunately, they didn't last long enough. Although, the tulips lasted a really long time because the weather got cool and that helped.

Apple blossom



Peony Tree


An inventory of my garden told me that everything came back except on climbing rose bush. The butterfly bush I tried rooting took and is coming back very healthy. All the natives Sister and I planted have come back as well. The bees are very happy.
Honey Do's berries and grapes all survived the winter. They are one year old.
 Another small load of garden soil arrives tomorrow morning. That will be placed as quickly as I can, then plant the remaining vegetables and herbs. Weeding will continue next week and hopefully I'll have enough energy to get it done before Thursday. 

I started a new Bible study this week and they are on Thursday. It's a good way to end my week.

Perfect sunrise



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Susan said...

So beautiful, Edi! I loved seeing how it's developing. What blessings you have had with it, and will have as it grows and provides so much for you.

All my flowers survived my absence here! Even the orchids.