Monday, May 1, 2023

Visitor coming . . .

 I have a much anticipated visitor coming !!!

Amongst all the normal daily activity, the weekend activities with Honey Do and Sister, I'm trying to get things ready and welcoming.


My visitor, Susan of Desert Sky Quilts.

This is our first visit in several years and we both feel the need and how much we have missed our in person time together. I'm the really lucky one, because I get the first visit of the year. That is a huge blessing for me.


 Some of my extra activity is cleaning up the sewing room. This is more because it's been needing it for quite some time and not as much about the visit. You know, things that you just put off doing or plan on doing and just never seem to get to. This has also been a really good time to deal with things that just need to leave and haven't. My tendency is to plan to deal with things by "finishing" projects, but there are always more accumulating. And space is at a premium, so putting things away is always a challenge for me. But I will continue to muddle forward. 

While I'm "cleaning" I will also be sewing. Here's what I'm working one . . .  

SAHRR - Spring Bunnies #3 and #4.
This panel goes in a different direction from the others. More vertical than horizontal. I also used blue instead of green for the outside border. And did you notice the checkerboard section is also incorporating multiple prints but still staying with the green, pink and blue prints. I love how they all turned out.

I also completed the next step of this slow stitching Facebook group project.

Susan arrived Thursday afternoon. No time had passed since our last visit. We started chatting immediately like it was just yesterday :)
We had several days together and the conversations never stopped. We sewed, stitched, visited. 

Honey Do took Friday off to play chauffeur for us.
Since we live in a new area since Susan's last visit, there were new shops to check out.

We live very close to "Amish Country" so that's where we headed :)


The weather was chilly all week, but that doesn't stop the Amish from drying their clothes outside.

One of my favorite fabric/quilt stores. We found so many wonderful fabrics for our Shoebox Swap later this year and I found some fabrics I need for a sensory board I volunteered to make.

More scenery as we headed to lunch.

Post Office

We find the best bulk foods around at The Ashery.

Amish Elementary School
The Amish Countryside

We spent time with my Sister on Saturday, sewing and stitching.

Unfortunately, the next few days just flew by and before I knew it, it was time to pack up Susan's car and she headed home. We can't wait to get together again. It was a visit filled with love and blessings and you can never get too much of either.



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Susan said...

That was a great time, and I wish I could have stayed so much longer ... and driven Joe crazy. LOL I still hope to come in the fall, and see some harvesting of the good foods! Might not be too long, but a few days will hold me over for a while. =)