Thursday, June 19, 2014

Best laid plans . . .

My plan for today was to stay home and sew. As I mentioned in my previous blog I wanted to stay home today and catch up the block for Quilt Doodle Doodle. First thing this morning, I got a phone call from Mom. She messed up her knee on Saturday and needed some help. Trying to be the good daughter I packed myself up and headed to her house.  This isn't really all that hard for me to do because it's a 40 minute ride of listening to an audiobook... each way. That's a lot of time :-) and I never mind spending time with Mom. 

(I love Nora Roberts)

The visit, as expected, went well. I did some tidying up but we talked and visited more than anything else. I drove into Mom's driveway and was greeted by these beauties.


Mom said my nieces got them as seeds years ago (they are all adults now) in Happy Meals from McDonald's !!! I told her I had to have some and she told me to take whatever I wanted, she wanted them gone and hadn't been able to do that. So I brought a handful home with me. I have a project in mind for myself and they will be included, along with Tiger Lilies and Lamb's ears. Hmmm :)


What started as a pleasant day has turned humid and overcast. Temperatures are almost 90 degrees on the way home.

My time went quickly. I stopped for dinner supplies on the way. Once I got home it was time to give some attention to the pups and get dinner started.  Nina has a new friend that visits her every couple of days.


This young lady has a collar that appears to have a transmitter on it. So she's being tracked. I was about four-six feet away from her. She just looks and as long as you move slowly and don't make any sudden moves, she doesn't run. There is a fence separating us, so she doesn't feel threatened. Nina just barks and she just watches. It's fun to have them come around.

* * * * *
My evening was spent working on Little Stitches.

They are finally done !!

Thanks for stopping by,

Wishing you a creative day.


Anonymous said...

Yay, the pinwheel stitches are done! Looks great. Pretty flowers. I have some lamb's ear in my front yard from Stacey, who got it from a neighbor, who got it from .... Apparently that stuff multiplies like crazy. Mine is. It started as a few scraggly sad looking things last year, and this year there are three big plants and smaller ones coming up, too. Nice of you to help your mom. Nice that you have a mom to help. =)

e said...

I love the lambs ear - yes it multiplies and if you aren't careful will take over. I got mine from BFF who got her's from her "Nana" (who was also very special to me). I love my mom - but it's really hard not to "mother" her and allow her to still be the adult. It's amazing how motherhood changes you.