Monday, June 2, 2014


Yes, I'm still fussing over my goal list - I tend to do this. . .  fuss over things. One of the things on my list isn't on my list, as I discovered this morning while reviewing it. I've decided that's ok - there's really more than enough on that list.

Isn't it adorable? I absolutely fell in love with it and it's meant for one of my great-nephews. This particular little boy, he'll be 8 this moonth (where did the time go?), has loved trains since he was old enough to tell us so. Progress is slow, but it's not meant for his birthday. I was thinking just because and I'll make it into a wall hanging and give it to him when it's done. It was a free pattern that was generously referred by Melody. You've been linked up. There are a number of different patterns to choose from, not just the train. If you check in with Melody daily, she has a link to a different free project every day. 

We are expecting rain all week. My plan for today is to clean house and work in the garden until it starts. I caught up the laundry over the weekend. I think I only have one basket of folded clothing to put away. I also have the guest room to ready, father-in-law is planning a visit in the near future. 

Honey Do will be gone for several days, so I have free reign of my time - not that I don't usually. And I always have more than enough to keep me busy. Newton and I have a couple of trips to the library planned, too.

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It's a new month, so there are lots of new patterns being published for the "...-alongs".

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I'm jumping on this bandwagon late, but if you missed any of the designs you can purchase them at for $2.00 each. That's not bad.

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There's plenty to keep us busy - as if we don't already have enough to do :)

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