Friday, June 20, 2014


It's that time again. If we are marking time by FNSI, then time is flying. At least it is for me.

But before we go there, I have to go here:

This is my vegetable garden. You can see a tomato plant in the foreground and those are broccoli and cabbages in the back. You can't even see the onions or the peas :(

The rest are weeds and they double in size over night !! That's what a little rain and 90 degree temperatures will do for you. On a positive note, some of the tomato plants not only have blooms but small tomatoes and the broccoli have their first round produce ready to pick. 

Oh but the weeds, they seem to want to conquer the world :(

* * * * *

Back to FNSI :) A much more pleasant topic. What's on your agenda? My goal list is sorely lacking this month, but I promised myself that I wouldn't be too hard on myself because they are so many other things happening right now that are requiring my attention. 

I got new fabric this week for a secret project I'm working on, but here's the sneak peak.


Yes, it's Christmas :) 
At least one of my projects this weekend will be cutting out this new project.

In one of the packages I got these small squares of fabric.

I think they might make a small pin cushion.

Thanks for stopping by,

Wishing you a creative weekend.


Anonymous said...

Oh, my gosh! Those weeds are UNBELIEVABLE! I was thinking, "What's that she's growing in the middle. It's doing really well." LOL Oh good grief!

Love your fabric choices, now want to know what it's going to be. Our fans are never satisfied. =) Those two squares would make a perfect pincushion.

e said...

Can't share the secret project yet - but I sure love sharing the notion of it.

Those weeds are about 1/2 gone now. Every time I take the dogs out, I pull another bucketful. But they never really stop :)