Thursday, June 5, 2014

Small packages

It rained all day yesterday. Got pretty chilly too. Honey Do sent me photos from his seventh floor room on his business trip, so trying to be amusing, I sent him one of my own. I'm in love with my garden again since I've given it some time and attention. It looks pretty even in the rain.

So I did something over the weekend I've never done before - I order a fat quarter bundle,

and it came in this small package.


I'm so excited about the new 26 week stitch along by Jenny of Elelfantz that I just had to order the same fabric she was using. I jumped the gun a bit because she's using yardage and I couldn't wait for the supply list. Aren't the colors gorgeous? And the patterns?

You are linked up if you are interested. I know I don't need one more project, but this one has me very excited.

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