Monday, February 2, 2015


It seems to me that January went by rather quickly. It was a very productive month . . . and February promises the same activity :)


These were taken around 8:30 Sunday evening. It really doesn't look like much, but the snow began Saturday night around midnight and continued through Monday morning. Newton willingly (!!!) shovelled the driveway at least four times just to keep up with the accumulation. Around 10 p.m., we started getting freezing rain and I was worried about morning commutes for both Honey Do and Newton. Almost 800 schools, day cares, etc. were cancelled by 7 a.m. Monday. Winds are gusting and it was a good weekend to stay put and do some stitching.

I managed to finish a sparrow for Operation Sparrow (see side bar for details link). It will go in the mail on Monday.

I also drew off these miniatures on Friday and have the "home" finished and the little car begun. I have a project in mind for these that came to me as I stitched, but it's still in the foggy brain mode, so more on that as it progresses.

Monday continued with the stitching and the addition of one more :)

Isn't this the sweetest apron you've ever seen? My sidebar has your link :)

I managed to finish my very first churn dash :)

The mailman delivered 9s and some gorgeou fabrics from my friend KTJ. I'd say she knows me very well after a very short period of time :)

And after all this snow and cold, I decided I needed a little bit of summer in my day. Strawberries from Sam's Club this morning just had me not being able to say no. They are gorgeous and they were yummy :) And now they are gone :)

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Wishing you a day filled with creativity.

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Susan said...

I love your sparrow - so beautifully done! I really want to know what you are doing with the miniatures, so cute they are! Did you take that February snow picture? Looks like you could have! Hope you are staying warm up there. LOVE that churn dash!