Monday, June 29, 2015

Monthly goals

We are coming to a close of the first half of the year. We all say it . . . I can't believe it's the end of the month . . . It's June . . . Where is the time going?

We all have our distractions . . . 


Not to mention our daily responsibilities of jobs, chores, family, friends - not necessarily in that order.

How much of my time do I just not use productively?
How often do I overwhelm myself with just - one -  more - project?
How often do I set my goals and expectations too high?

Anyone who has spent anytime with me at all knows that I'm notorious for planning way more than I can ever hope to accomplish.
I have a very difficult, sometimes impossible, time of just saying no.

This month's goal for ALYOFs was my Trip-Around-The-World quilt.

This is an older picture, but I've made progress. All the blocks have been knotted with perle cotton. The borders are on and I tried hand quilting but didn't like the look, so I unstitched it. I only had to decide how to finish the borders, add the binding and I'm done.

After I decided how to quilt the borders, I'm doing them on the machine, I was distracted. I was distracted most of the weekend with family responsibilities - they think they need to eat and have clean clothes. 

 I did manage to get at least the white border quilted. I did 1/4 inch around both edges, then did a large zigzag in between. I'm debating about coming back the other way and making it a large "X". I haven't decided completely yet.


Another distraction was a trip to one of our craft stores. Honey Do is trying some new elements in his pen making and designs, so he needed supplies. I was invited along :) As we walked the aisles, I found these two adorable cut-outs. It's lazer cut wood. I have a couple of ideas running, but nothing definte yet.

We got a bit of a weather respite on Friday - it rained off and on all week - The day started out cool, but the sun was shining. There's more rain forecast over the weekend, and we got quite a bit on Saturday. Everyone took advantage and got the yardwork caught up. Fortunately for me, Newton does the mowing so I don't have to add it to my never-ending chore list. He's out for summer break but starts a day camp on Monday that is everyday.  The daily schedule is very similar to the school day, so it will allow me to keep my chores current.

Father-in-law is here for a couple more weeks. He has been a tremendous help with pets and continuing the repairs he began last year on my fence.

With all he's done, we've been able to put up our bird feeder again, the bug zapper is up and he also gifted me with a gorgeous hanging basket.
Once the rains stop, I'll be able to go out and paint and weed. 

With all the distractions, there's still been some productivity. That makes me happy.
How was your weekend? I hope you were able to spend time doing what you love.

Thanks for stopping by,

Wishing you a day filled with creativity.


Wendyb said...

You've said it in one Hon......yes DISTRACTIONS!!! They eat away at all of us dont they? And how dare the family think that they NEED feeding and clean clothes!!! LOL You gave me a good giggle this morning....thank you! WE just keep plodding along, one foot in front of the other, and as long as its on this side of the grass, we know we're blessed to have another day to get there.....after all, it's no race.....let's enjoy all the ride has to offer!
love ya sweet friend xoxox :o) that sweet little puppy of yours....a great distraction....and your FIL---what a darling man! xox

Anonymous said...

I need a father-in-law to come fix my deck - it's a disaster waiting for an injury to happen. Love your flower gift, that's so pretty! Distractions? Me? Yeah, like a kitty with a red laser dot.

Allie-oops Designs said...

Well one of your distractions is just too adorable, lol!!! My main problem is that my stitching and computer chair is just way too comfortable - I find myself just sitting and playing solitaire because I don't want to move. Ugh. And what is it with families who think they need to eat????

Your TATW is looking marvelous, especially with that sweet baby on it. Your yard is so pretty, hon! What a lovely FIL. Send him on to me when you're done with him. I need him desperately!