Thursday, March 24, 2016

A week of making progress

This is the gorgeous sunset Tuesday evening. My phone camera doesn't do it justice. But I was so appreciating that it was a little warmer and Rocky and I went for a walk.

I got a gift of squishy mail from Honey Do. Isn't it adorable? 
I just love it and am hoping for a day or two of cooler temperatures so I can wear it before it gets too warm.

It's Wednesday, so my plan is to stay home ALL day - no errands, no leaving the house except to the back yard with the pups.

This is the view from my livingroom window as I opened up and began painting. The room will be finished painted. I've called the carpet guy to schedule the appointment to have the carpets cleaned. I know this is the week before a holiday, so I'm not expecting them before next week but that's ok. I just wanted to get on the books. I'll just move on to the next room to be painted. At this rate I might just get the first floor done before the end of April. That's a room a week, including a hallway and foyer - both are pretty small. 


These plates were a worn-out antique gold that my mother-in-law chose years ago. I really like the look of them, but they were really tired. So I purchased a small can of spray paint. They were supposed to be bronze but came out more on the silver side. I still like the refreshed looked against my taupe walls.

LOVE the new colors.

As I painted I put on You-Tube and just let it play.
By noon, I had two walls painted with a second coat and the third wall had its first coat.

The room is officially done other than the china cabinet and putting pictures back on the wall, and getting the carpets cleaned - that's scheduled for next week.

Thursday, I got to spend the day with BF :) 
Again - I didn't take pictures of what we were working on.
She finished a Christmas stocking gift for her youngest daughter, brought a table runner that was gifted to her but needed some finishing touches so she purchased a couple of small tassels for the points and some pretty buttons.
Then we sandwiched a wall hanging that she's going to machine quilt.

As for me, I took a simple flannel quilt to be sandwiched. It was done a couple of years ago and will be a Christmas gift for my son this year. His room is getting painted too. So fresh, new linens will be appreciated.

All the flannels were new except the dinosaurs which were pajamas I made for him when he was little. Thought they would be a cute memory. 

This quilt is actually the leftover squares from two baby quilts I made for great-nephews. So I got a lot of mileage from those flannels. All I need to do now is tie it and bind it and it will be done. One of my goals for April :)

Thanks for stopping by.

Wishing you a blessed Easter weekend.

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Melody said...

Hope you have a peaceful and joyous Easter too.

Anonymous said...

You are really going with that painting. I like the silver touch on the light switches. My house is in terrible need of paint, and I hate the color it is, sort of a peachy tan, bleck. I'd be much happier with just Navajo White! But it's going to wait for a while. Until someday arrives. LOL That is a cute quilt for your son. Nice use of flannels and pjs, too!