Thursday, March 31, 2016

Week's end . . .

Yes, I'm there !!!

I spent my day painting and repainting my small hallway. However, there are seven !!!!! doorways in this small space. 
The ceiling had already been painted.
I re-taped the ceiling to keep the wall color in place. Then I taped each doorframe and the base boards. It was almost 11 before I finally got started painting.
I finally finishe a couple of hours later. I kept seeing places that I missed. I was having the same trouble with the walls that I had on the ceiling - too dark or shadows. All I really could do was take my time.


I was so excited to get this space finished that I even rehung the photos.
I'm slowly getting things put away as I go since I can't paint 24/7.

The next big project will be to remove all the woodwork, strip and refinish it. I'm not in any big hurry for that project. But it will be gorgeous when it's completely finished.

I brought a small recliner home from Mom's yesterday.
This evening I set up this small vignette. The chair had been my grandfather's, the table Honey Do found in a warehouse (it needs refinished too),

the doily was made by Mom and the bird's next was a scent warmer that my niece sells.
All in all, it makes me happy.

Thanks for stopping by,

Wishing you as many blessings as I've received today :)


Allie-oops Designs said...

Looking quite beautiful, my dear! And I love your cozy corner with table and chair. How special to have your grandfather's chair - my recliner was my grandmother's, and I remember sleeping in it a few times when I was young!

Deb R said...

You sounds soo busym and what a wonderful place to end the day :)

Anonymous said...

A lovely corner you set up. Reading? Stitching? How nice to have things around you that loved ones have used.

Melody said...

With seven doorways to tape around it really was the prep that would have been the most work. Love your cosy spot.