Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Mid-week updates

There is not much progress to share with you on the wool. As I've said before, it's very slow going.

It's that time of year to start thinking about new projects, inside and out, that don't require needle and thread . . . 



After I made my list of what I want to do in my livingrom, I located a book I found on another blog and purchased from Amazon and then a couple of pictures from magazines I've been saving for a while.

This is all starting because Mom is gifting me with a china cabinet that she no longer wants. My sister got the original dining room set which included a china cabinet. I was offered the set first, but felt I didn't have room for it in our home. This time, when Mom offered I took her up on it.

We have pretty much decided that we are going to be in this home for at least a while. I've been putting things off like painting, but now it's time. I'm also having a heart-attitude change. I need, and want, to be grateful for what I have. I really don't need a mini-mansion. I just need to make this house more of a home and that's my plan for this spring and summer.

There will still be stitching and sewing, but over the next few months it will not be my priority. But I'm so looking forward to giving my home a face lift. 

So my day was spent reorganizing a closet, sorting through cookbooks, putting away some novels that I have every intention of reading - probably next winter. I've planned out placement in the room after the painting is done. Paint will be purchased this weekend. I'm also planning on beginning in the livingroom with washing walls.
So looking forward to having a home I love and can be proud of - it's how we should all feel about where we live.

Thanks for stopping by.


Allie-oops Designs said...

Well good for you dear heart - I've had to undergo the same heart/attitude change myself, so many times. And now with actually looking for a house, and having everything sell out from under us [sometimes we don't even get to see them before they're gone!], I'm having to do it again. No matter where we are, we need to make it our own, and be content...

Anonymous said...

You know who you are starting to sound like, don't you? Jenny! It sounds like you are going to have some non-stitching fun.