Saturday, March 5, 2016

The last few days

We've gotten more snow and are expecting snow showers on Saturday.
We've probably had more snow in the last couple of weeks than we've had all winter.

I really haven't been doing much by way of sewing just becauase I've been gone . . . here and there.

I went to Mom's on Thursday and had a great time and got lots of rewards.

Mom and I were discussing quilt backings and my deceased aunt. I'm using one of the flat sheets that made its way to me after she passed and I'm backing my house quilt with it.

Obviously, it's an inexpensive backing because I didn't have to pay for it. But it's also large so there's no piecing.
Mom had several that she no longer needed or wanted, so they came home with me. I like incorporating things that my family used. It's sentimental, even though practical. I just love these "vintage" sheets.

That took us to my brother's old bedroom/mom's sewing room and she started rummaging and that led to some reorganizing and purging.

I LOVE purging :)
I always reap the benefits :)

This is a 2 quart plastic container of floss that she no longer needs or wants. Mom doesn't do embroidery anymore, so I was gifted with all this new floss and an organizer. There was also, quilting notions, lace, interfacing, and buttons.
It all needs to be sorted and put away, a project for Saturday.

This "gift" I am most excited about. Mom and I did a hand-piecing quilting class together. Unfortunately, I don't remember doing it together. I have no memory of that class other then my doing it and the project is still not finished - more than 20 years ago !! The entire quilt is hand-pieced and she has begun the hand-quilting. My goal is to finish it and give it back to her. Selfishly, I'm going to label it so that it comes back to me again, someday hopefully very far down the road.

Any way, Mom's isn't finished either - this one is hers, mine was done in sage greens. Mom gave it to me because she knew that I would appreciate everything this little quilt entails. I know that we shouldn't live with regrets, but I do regret that all the things I enjoy doing now, Mom did in my youth. It wasn't that I wasn't interested because I did learn from her, but I wasn't passionate about it like I am now.

Mom worked the "party" circuit back in the day for a company called Creative Circle. Basically it was a company that sold stitchery kits and supplies for everything stitchery. We did embroidery, counted cross, needlepoint, and tropunto (sp?). Mom worked it passionately and I was right there along side her helping with party preparations, stitching and at the parties. I still have kits that she's gifted me that have not been done yet. My mom is a very talented, generous person with a heart of gold. I wish I were more like her.

I'll spend Saturday with my family. Honey Do has suggested lunch out :) We rarely go "out". Usually I pick up and bring "out" home. So I'm excited to go "out" to eat. Somewhere in there I'm going to try and work on my Wool project. It's a goal this month and I would really like to see another goal completely finished.

Thanks for stopping by.

Wishing you a day filled with creativity.

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Anonymous said...

I'm no longer complaining about my cold after seeing your snow! I hope you are warming up like we are this week. We'll be in the 70s, so maybe you'll be in the 60s! I love the day you spent with your mom. She is so lucky to have a daughter to whom she can pass along the things she no longer uses. I'll bet she remembers those stitching times differently than you do. I love that you are finishing her quilt for her. I hope yours is next on your UFO list! Have a great week of sewing!