Thursday, June 30, 2016


I just have one question . . . 

Where did June go??

I told Honey Do the other day that it seems the busier I am the faster time seems to pass. I know, logic :)



For a change though, I do have something to show for my passage of time.
I've been working on the main garden in front of my house and the "butterfly" garden. I purchased 25 bags of mulch and used 24. 
The more I work in my gardens, the more I want to be there. I just walk around and smile :)

I pulled some plants and moved them to the fence in the backyard. These are things that multiply quickly and I won't mind them growing along the fence.

There are two smaller gardens behind the main in the front of the house that I will work on in the coming week between prepping for Vacation Bible School.

Super simple project :)

Empty cans with craft sticks adhered to them. This one is tied with floss, but I've done some with yarn and we'll see what we have to work with at church for the kids to use - might be ribbon or yarn. I've made several for samples for the kids to see.

I spent the last two night cutting out 300 paper plates that will make "clams". I still have shopping to do for supplies, but nothing odd. Everything should just come off the shelf.

No sewing or quilting or embroidery happening here. I have managed to collect two kits for the Row by Row Experience. I was hoping to get the first one done this week, but it doesn't look like it's going to happen.

Other than that, you'll find us in the backyard :)

Thanks for stopping by,

Wishing you countless blessings.

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Anonymous said...

That's how summer is - outside, yard work, lots of stuff that keeps one out of the sewing room. Except at my house, of course. I've watered maybe three times, and pulled half a dozen weeds. That's about it. Oh, and picked 6 raspberries. The blackberries came on strong and then the heat hit and they shriveled to little rocks, so another year with nothing. Those bushes have been out there 5 summers, and I haven't had a good pail of berries yet. LOL I'm glad you are enjoying your garden and it makes you smile.