Friday, June 10, 2016

What ?? !!!

No Phone !!!!

It's amazing how attached we are to our technology.

About a month ago, Honey Do and I finally decided to discontinue the land-line and only use our cells. That was a great financial decision . . . 

until my cell phone died !!!!

I call the service provider and they tried to help, but couldn't.
I went to the store and they tried to help, but couldn't.
So the wonderful young man at the store set up a replacement and that came. 
Unfortunately, I have to recreate my contact list. I didn't have a hard copy anywhere.
It will be interesting to see who I won't be able to recover.

In the meantime, I've gotten all the laundry caught up.
The vegetable garden is weeded and the rest of my seeds are planted.
I transplanted a few plants from my front gardens to the backyard. Lamb's ear specifically was taking over a rose bush and needed to go away.


I transplanted them near an old stump further back in the yard along with some day lilies from BF.

Friday had me waiting to do things away from home. It was too hot to do anything more than just pick up around the house.

Once I got home though, I was able to do some planting that I just hadn't gotten around to doing.

I am absolutely thrilled with my "barrel" planter. Honey Do is using half of it to make pens from and I got the other half to make this planter. I finally managed to make time to go and get the dirt I needed to fill it with. I did line the bottom with plastic bottles that were headed for recycling to take up some of the space because the plants are only in the top third of the barrel. 

I am spending Friday evening working on my little stitchery. It's too hot outside to do much, although the temperatures finally dropped a bit after dinner.

Saturday promises to be in the 90s so I'm planning on being in the house and finishing this little project.

And finally, some very sweet squishy mail from a very dear friend, Susan :)

I have to see if I have enough 9-patches to start working on a new quilt. And look at those bright gorgeous additions to my package :)
Thank you Susan :)

Thanks for stopping by,

Wishing you a day filled with countless blessings.

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Anonymous said...

You're welcome! Those happy strips were just crying out to come to your house. =) I don't remember what provider you use, but I know that with Verizon, you can back up your contacts list. I LOVE your barrel planter. I want one! I have the perfect tree stump to rest it on in the front yard, and a lovely spider plant to put in the middle. I'm sure one of the nurseries or Home Depot or someone has some lovely potting plants on sale right now. Temperatures here are in the mid 90s and it's HOT! Ugh. The only possible way to spend the day was shop hopping. =)