Saturday, June 4, 2016

Where's "Edi" ?

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Remember Where's Waldo?
Well that's been me lately - where have I been and what have I been up to?

In a nutshell (a rather large one) . . .

I've been attempting to stay at home, that's not working very well as I was out and about everyday this past week. It was a short week too, which I had to keep reminding myself.

I did manage to catch up my collection of Farm Girl Vintage and the Add-A-Block, both sponsored by a favorite local quilt shop.

I also got to spend a day with BF and Mom.

I'm finally settling enough to write a blog post. I'm trying to get better at it. When I'm not out and about, I'm trying to keep up the house, laundry and gardens. My hands have touched everything at least once this week.




These Japanese irises are a favorite of both Mom and myself. We've felt like we skipped spring and went straight into summer here. These gorgeous blooms only last about a week and then they are gone. I have been debating about letting this garden go. It's more grass in the spring than anything else. Then the magic happens . . . the irises and peonies and roses start to bloom . . .




a spring bulb that comes back every year and never disappoints.

One of my first rose bushes. This one is about 15 years old. This is the most beautiful it's ever been.


The vegetable garden is doing fairly well, although there is a fair amount of weeding that needs to be done. I'm attempting to work on it every time the dogs ask to go out. The large leaves in the center of the photo are radishes and the weeding is done just beyond these plants. Tomatoes, peppers and kolrabi went in on Saturday. Peas are finally peaking through. And the herbs are doing well. Rain Saturday evening helped with the watering and is supposed to continue through the beginning of the week. I'm not going to complain - we could use it.

The visit with BF garnered some new furnishings for my outdoors. We were very excited. I hosed them off and will wait for them to dry to see if they require more elbow grease from me. I'm going to shop for cushions as I don't really have time to make them. I've already checked out a local discount store and I couldn't make them for those prices. Looking forward to relaxing with this new set.


I found this adorable little wood chair on another outing. I didn't realize the seat was broken until I took it out of the car. I've already talked to HoneyDo and he assures me that we can replace the seat with a sturdy wood (instead of the pressed board), re-use the wood with the hardware and I can paint and reupholster and have a new chair - probably for my bedroom upstairs (I'm redesigning it every day).


Outside time isn't all work and no play :)
We've discovered that Rocky loves chasing bubbles.
Very inexpensive entertainment :)

Nina's been "gossiping with the neighbor". 

I finally finished Block 3 of the Lace Cabins. As soon as I get the photos taken I'll share them with you. I'm off to find a little project to do before I go onto the next block.

Thanks for stopping by,

Wishing you a day filled with countless blessings.


I couldn't resist. I found this one on Facebook :)

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Anonymous said...

That is a funny! I have been wondering what you were up to, but figured it wasn't no good, so you'd get back to us. =) I'm in love with your Irises. They seem so much more beautiful, crisper than the normal Iris, which I also think is beautiful. Your garden looks great, and the lawn furniture is wonderful. You will save both money and time by buying the cushions at the discount store. Wish I could get a new deck that way! =)