Monday, July 25, 2016

Respite from outside responsibilities

A restful weekend was had. I spent Saturday doing the usual chores. It was hot !! - in the upper 90s, with heat indexes over 100 and not a raindrop to be had. 

Zucchini are coming in - so I made more zucchini pie for dinner. It is so nice to go out to the garden and get what you need.

They aren't ready yet, but the first cucumber has made an appearance.

I did some work on my lace cabin.

I'm grateful for getting some time to finally work on it. It's been a couple of weeks since I prepared the block for stitching.
I have no outside responsibilities at the moment, except personal ones, until September when Bible study begins. That gives me about six weeks to get some things accomplished.

My gardens are almost completely weeded. I still have one more to finish and then some mulching. Weeding here and there isn't anything difficult and easy to keep up and stay on top of.

Monday morning found me at the service station getting new tires. I absolutely hate spending large amounts of money but am grateful that Honey Do works and provides what we need and I can just go and take care of what needs done.

While I was out, I stopped at my two favorite quilt shops.


I got the new Farm Girl Vintage block. It's 11 of 12, so I'm starting to think about finishes. There will be a finishing kit, but they are usually pretty costly and I've already decided I want it to be at least a queen size. I also think choosing my own "finishing" allows me to be more creative. So I found this 30s reproduction in a cute little check. I really wanted some variation of red and white gingham check. This is as close as I could come from the two shops. If it doesn't work, it will just go in my 30s collection for another project - yet to be determined.

The snowball runner will be a Christmas gift.

The red and greens are the beginning of Christmas collecting. I really don't have a good stash of those. They are starting to show up in the shops and will go quickly.

And finally, my garden block of the month for June and July. I really haven't done much work on these, but since I've already purchased five months I want to get the rest and can work on them when I find the time.

I'm off to see what I can accomplish with the rest of my day.
Thanks for stopping by,

Wishing you a day filled with countless blessings.

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Anonymous said...

Lovely projects all. I do like that red not-quite-check you found. I think it should work! I wish you were here to go with me tomorrow. Pat and I are going to the Christmas sale at Atomic Fibers in Oak Ridge. It's last year's Christmas and Halloween fabric, but so what? Some people have had it in their stashes unused anyway! =) Nice to have a little break in responsibility, and your son will soon start back to school. He's growing up fast.