Thursday, July 7, 2016

We got a rainbow :)

It's been less than a week and we got another shower and a rainbow for good measure. I'm not one to complain about rain - I've always loved a good thunderstorm - and if I do, at least these days, it's because we don't get enough. We actually could use about a week's worth of slow, steady rain so that it can soak into the ground. I've got cracks every where and now that I've mulched some of the flower beds (and I know this helps) it seems harder for the water to get through to what's underneath. We are expecting more over night and tomorrow. Here's hoping.

I have to tell you, again, how much I love that Jacquelynn has us cut all the pieces before we begin. I was so exciting to pull out a bad that said "Block 2" on it and start assembling. Rocky was pretty demanding of my time yesterday, so I didn't get the stitching done around the applique, but the block is assembled. One more night and it will be done for the month.

It's not too late to sign up for this free block of the month. Like so many of the designers we follow, this is a free design with more than one option. I can see doing this quilt again with either an embroidered center or just plain.

Thanks for stopping by,

Wishing you a day filled with countless blessings.


Anonymous said...

Hi Edith your block is amazing,well done and a beautiful pic of the rainbow ....

Allie-oops Designs said...

We got rain today, and last night, but it's just not enough!! We do need a good soaking rain too.
Love your block, and your bathroom stitchery is just darling!!!

Anonymous said...

I'd be happy not to see so much rain around here. It's been accompanied by tremendous thunderstorms, high winds, and even 3/4" hail in some places. Last night's storm brought downed trees all around, and I was standing at the window just praying that one of my poplars didn't fall on the house, they were whipping around so much. A huge limb fell right past the window and smashed on the sidewalk. Thankfully, we made it through okay. Others were not so lucky, though I saw no trees in houses - one did smash a car, and one was across the road on an electric line, so we couldn't go out that way. Your rainbow is lovely. We didn't see one of those here!

Love the colors in your block. This is going to be so pretty. It's been on my list to start these for two weeks, and I haven't done it.