Saturday, July 9, 2016

What a difference a few days makes


July 4                                      July 8

I can't believe the growth over the past month. We haven't had all that much rain, and could definitely use more, but we've had temperatures in the mid 80s into the upper 90s. 
That hot-house effect is affecting my garden and I'm not complaining. I'm doing my best to keep up with all I'm responsible for and the temperatures.

My diligence with the deer repellent is paying off.


The palmera vine is thriving.
 The hostas are blooming even after some serious munching.


The coneflowers are blooming and budding even though the deer have nibble here and there, the plants are fighting back with my help.

This is the $5.00 clearance rose bush. Absolutely thrilled  with this beauty.

Gladiolas are deer resistent, so they haven't had to struggle.

Our winters have been so mild that I haven't even dug up the bulbs to preserve them. I'm thrilled with the multiplication of the plants. They will be moving next year to a new location, but I love how beautiful and filling they are. I've got enough that I've even been cutting them and bringing them indoors.

Vacation Bible School is finished for another year. I managed to find some time to work on the scrap box of fabric.


I've sorted through everything and made various piles.
I have my first batch of 9-patches begun. With the temperatures in the 90s over the weekend I should be able to get quite a bit done from this box.

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Anonymous said...

You know we want that recipe! I picked one zucchini from Stacey's garden yesterday - she's in Idaho. I don't think that's enough for pie, though! Love the block, just leave it as it is. It'll be fine. =) Your plant growth is amazing. Won't be long before you'll have a lot of something! Do you pinch out leaves so it doubles?