Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Deadlines looming

This morning is absolutely gorgeous even though we are expecting temperatures close to 90. The normally pleasant bird-song filled morning has been replaced with the sound of locusts humming. Honey Do says they are late this year but I think they come whenever they want and we hear them almost every year just not as many.

I've had a busy morning already. The first and only load of laundry was done by 6:30 and out on the line. 

I've started working on the binding for a very special quilt. There is a group of us making it for a very special friend.


It should be bound and in the mail by Friday.

Another deadline I've given myself this week is to make a couple of pillows for BF's front porch. She's been working very hard on getting it cleaned up and painted this summer. Her house is white and the trim is black and my suggestion was that she do pops of red to make it fun.

So I'm going to help by making her a couple of pillows. She like ladybugs and roosters so guess what she's getting. We're supposed to meet up on Wednesday so I would like to have them finished by then. Unfortunately I've decided to stitch the ladybugs and I've run out of black floss.


Took a walk around my yard on Monday and discovered some beautiful new blooms. I'm so happy that in the midst of a moderate drought my plants are producing blooms. I only water them occasionally making me doubly blessed.

It's hard to believe at the same time I'm also thinking about preparing for winter. To that end I pulled out a recipe book that's called Freezer Pleasers.
The premise of this book is to make two meals at the same time, one for dinner now and one for the freezer for later. With the upcoming Bible study schedule and being busy with Mom, for once, I am starting to plan ahead. This way we can have good hot meals without having to hit take out for dinner.

I made my first casserole on Monday here's what's left.

But I have a second one in the freezer ready to go. It's good for up to two months. Today I will be making two meatloaves.

So I'm off to get my floss.

Thanks for stopping by,

Wishing you a day filled with countless blessings.

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Anonymous said...

Yummy looking casserole. You are making short work of the binding on the quilt. Don't forget to take pictures. You know we're all picture hogs! That's a perfect time to catch a gladiola bloom - it's so gorgeous! That's one thing I don't have here and I wish I did, but nothing grows all that well. Good luck with the pillows. I know you can get them done for tomorrow.