Monday, August 15, 2016

Dog day's of August . . .

This has been the view in my neck of the woods for the last week. We've had a bit of rain, mostly storms every day. Mind you, I'm not complaining. We desperately needed the rain. However, when the rains come, so do the weeds !!!

I've gotten a bit more done in the vegetable garden than this photo shows. In fact,  I've managed to fill to capacity three trash cans. The ground is nice and soft now, so pulling is easy and doesn't take much time to make quick work of the project.

The garden isn't the only place the weeds are growing, but this one is pretty at least. Mixed in is a rose of sharon. They tend to take over the yard too and in the spring I pull the seedlings because there are so many. The blooms are gorgeous in August because so little else is blooming.

I managed to be productive in the sewing room too. This is the second pillow for BF's front porch. Kept the colors from the lady bug and incorporated the roosters she's infatuated with :)
The buttons add a bit of whimsy to the plain red blocks.

This is the second lady bug pillow I made. I decided to keep this one for myself.
I embellished it with buttons and ricrac. The baby ricrac was difficult to sew, but it's on.
What do you think of the buttons in the corners? I'm not sure yet.

I've started prepping a new project:

It's a free. There are 20 blocks altogether, but simply stitched.

I thought it was adorable and am very excited to begin working on this one.

I started my Monday with laundry and cutting 9-patches. They will be sewn this week. 

So my goals for this week:

1.  Finish "Bee Hive" stitchery

2. Work on Lace Cabin

3. Make 9-patches

4. Draw off Bee-utiful

5. Find and finish a UFO

I'm stopping there. I don't want to get myself overwhelmed.

Thanks for stopping by,

Wishing you a day filled with countless blessings.


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Anonymous said...

5 goals is plenty for a week when you are a family mom. =) And weeding a garden, too. I don't know if I'd be able to pull out such pretty flowers. I have nothing much around here. The sun came too long, then the rains came at the wrong time. Now we're having those daily storms, too. We had two today! Probably doubled the month's rain here.

I love your lady bug pillow (well, your BFF's is great, too) and I think it's okay with or without the buttons. The buttons for spots is really cute. I'm saving those Bee patterns, too. I have too much else going on to make any right now, but I'm hopeful for the future. Or at least to use one here and there.