Monday, May 29, 2017

Sunshine Saturday

We had sunshine when we rose for the day !! It did rain some during the night, but I slept through it.

After a quick walk through the back yard, I made breakfast

in my new copper pan.

My mother's day gift from my mom.

After breakfast, Honey Do and I went plant shopping for the vegetable garden. My rule of thumb has always been to have my gardens planted by Memorial Day weekend.

By noon I had 3 1/2 rows planted while the dogs ran the yard and the rest of the garden gridden.

A quick walk through my flower beds made me smile. Between temperatures and rain the plants are thriving and blooming, as well as all the weeds.


Lunch was tasty - open faced philly chicken with a drizzle of ranch dressing.

After lunch, I finished the BOM

Goal accomplished. I also received some squishy mail.

Well, maybe not quite so squishy. At least it was fun. I won last month's Growing Up prize and it came in the mail this week. I had forgotten all about it. Thank you, Alida :)

Just before dinner, I went back outside with the poochies. While Honey Do grilled dinner,

I finished my planting. All the plans we purchased were in the ground the same day !! There's rain forecast for Sunday, otherwise I probably wouldn't have rushed. It feels really good to have it done. Next week, I'll start re-weeding the flower beds. I have discarded shasta daisies coming.


Tilda is also done. Another goal accomplished.

All around a very productive and creativity day.

Thanks for stopping by.


Anonymous said...

What a great Saturday! And all the plants in the ground. If you got rain yesterday, or today, they will have been very happy! You are just chugging along, and your meals look delicious!

Allie-oops Designs said...

Ooooh congrats on your win - how lovely!!! I want one of those copper pans, it's on my list - do you love it?? My mom got one and really likes it a lot. Your Tilda doll is so darling!