Thursday, July 6, 2017

And now back to our regularly scheduled program . . .

Thursday got a change in plans. Mom decided we would do her cleaning next week. Newton had a physical any way, so it meant a really late start.

Unlike Wednesday, which started out sunny and gorgeous, Thursday is overcast and very humid. And other than feeling like I've had two Mondays this week because of the holiday, it's been a fairly productive week.

I've worked hard to stay up on chores and it's paying off. I get the next few days to play with my projects.

First up, Christmas in July. I took some time to draw a layout to personalize this little project. It's hard to see because I did it in pencil, but these are little Santa hats. The cuffs will have each family members name on it. Across the top it will say "Santa Claus is coming to" and then the bottom will say "town, Ohio 2017".

These are for my nieces' families. The number of hats will very and so will the name of their cities. The hats will be enlarged from the original size of 1.5 inches. And the tops will have a jingle bell or button - yet to be determined, but I'm leaning toward the bells.
Not sure if the pattern is still available, but I found it here.

Next up, I finished quilting row 5 of the Lace Cabins.


This was really hard to do on my sewing machine because it's so detailed. Spacing is off and I'm not sure about all the "corners". But I'm NOT doing it again.

How cute is that little owl button?

And finally, I worked on the scrap hearts alternate blocks for the Sheep quilt. I have two completely finished and four that are in rows waiting to be pressed and sewn together.

Dinner prep and dessert took the rest of the afternoon. Boy, was it HOT !!!!
Food was good :)

Thanks for stopping by,

Wishing you a creativity filled day.


Allie-oops Designs said...

Two Mondays - yes, I know! I can't keep my days straight during a holiday. The Santa hats are going to be darling. Love the owl on your cabins quilt. Stay cool - we finally got a cooling down, tomorrow in the 70's, which is good as I have a graduation to go to!

Anonymous said...

No A/C still? Your corners look fine to me. Who will look closely enough to tell if some angle a little, anyway? My first thought, before I read, was "Wow, look at all the ins and outs she did on that tree! I like your Santa hat project. Those will be cute gifts, and they can be updated, if need be.