Sunday, August 27, 2017

I Love Being Busy and Productive

My list for Tuesday was pretty lengthy. I did get some things done and then goals changed. I got called to work on Wednesday and Friday and went to Mom's on Thursday.  My week ended up not going according to plan. Unfortunately, I didn't get anything accomplished during my evenings because I was tired and did whatever chores hadn't gotten done during the days.

Here is what I did get accomplished:

Growing Up - post Done
I sent my email for the final step of  completion.

Seasons - binding DONE

As an added embellishment, I put seasonal buttons in the corners. It was just asking for something else. I misplaced my snowflake buttons, so one more will need to be added in the corner. Otherwise, another UFO is done.

For Saturday, I baked some zucchini breads and muffins. Those will go in the freezer for the winter. There are a couple more on the vines that will be ready soon.

Once the kitchen was cleaned up, I gave myself permission to work on the projects I hadn't had time for all week.

Jacquelynne Steves BOM 2017 - choose fabrics

Spring - pull box, review status, and call it DONE :)

I started the 9-patches on Tuesday. They were made with 1.5 inch strips. They didn't come out exactly to size, so I added the purple dividers between them and am thankful for the results. They needed the division between each of them. I also hadn't planned on the border at the top and bottom, but was too lazy to take it off when I sewed it to the wrong side. Another mistake that paid off in the end.

Here are some detail close-ups.




The organza ribbon was planned all along and looks fantastic.

I also added a bit of white "baby" ricrac. I wanted lace, but didn't want to spend any time shopping for it so I used what I had. I like the subtle finish.

The design is from Crabapple Hill. It's been at least a couple of years since I stitched it and put it away. Another UFO bites the dust :)

Thanks for stopping by,

Wishing you a day filled with creativity and productivity.

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Anonymous said...

Gorgeous rose! Your "mistakes" were really the inner designer taking over. That looks perfect and planned exactly to be that. Work really cuts into life, doesn't it? LOL You still got a lot done for your busy week.