Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Monday chores and catching up . . . Tuesday, this and that

Monday didn't exactly go as I had planned. I worked on my blog and pictures between loads of laundry. I pulled some weeds in the vegetable garden, made sweet potato muffins

and refrigerator pickles from the pair Honey Do picked on Sunday.

I worked on my menu and pulled together dinner supplies. It amazes me how busy I can stay in the kitchen and before I know it, my day has flown by.

I had hoped to at least do some stitching, but that didn't happen until well into evening after some more weeding, cleaning up dinner and walking. 

I did manage to get Snowman #12 finished.

With any luck, I'll have a little more sewing time on Tuesday.

And the icing on the cake, squishy mail.

I received all these lovely 9-patches from my friend, Dorothy.

Monday's efforts paid off because there was little to do by way of chores on Tuesday. My morning came and went. The afternoon was spent finishing up this adorable rag doll I found while visiting Kirtland with Susan last week.


The apron didn't have any stitchery on it, but it was just asking for something sweet. This is part of a larger "Jenny" pattern. Isn't it sweet? Just adds that finishing touch we all love to have.

I also finished the pillow case for my youngest great-nephew.

He LOVES dinosaurs :) This was one of the pieces I found last week shop-hopping with Susan

Wednesday will be spent working on the Dozen Snowmen wall hanging and Thursday is Mom's Day :)

See you Friday :)

Thanks for stopping by,

Wishing you a creative and productive day.


Allie-oops Designs said...

I swear time moves faster in the kitchen. And laundry room, lol. I love your little snowman, so cute, and the added "Jenny" touch to that apron is perfect, what a cute doll!

Anonymous said...

I love the added stitching on the doll's apron! You did a great job on that little girl. Yay! All the snowmen are finished! You've been busy, and I've been just breathing. =P I spent 6 hours running errands today - what a waste of time, but it had to be done.