Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Pre-autumn Bliss

It has been absolutely beautiful, weather-wise, in my little corner of things.
Sunshine, temperatures in the low to mid 70s, very little rain - although we could sure use some.

I've spent most of this week working on the Lace Cabin quilt.

I have all the interior quilting done. I have the dark brown border/sash that frames all the cabins done. I have half of the outermost border done. I am very excited to have made this much progress in just a few days. The quilt is turning out so much better than the last one and more than I had hoped. Although, I guess I'm always hoping for the best. I just don't really have that much experience on this end of the project. It is energizing me to complete others have been patiently waiting for their turn.

My goal for Wednesday is to finish the exterior border and get the binding sewn on. Then the hand sewing can be done over the next few evenings.

Thursday is set aside for Mom. She's on a roll with cleaning/purging. LOL.

Friday and the weekend are set aside for Honey Do. He finally took some time off and it corresponds with the holiday weekend. There will still be sewing time for me and I'll work on the rest of my goal list. 

This is me signing out for a couple of days again.
Wishing you all a wonderful, safe, blessed weekend.

Thanks for stopping by.


Allie-oops Designs said...

It rained here - lots of flooding! Nothing like Houston of course. But we weren't expecting it. I LOVE your Seasons and Spring mini's, so cute, well done girl! Can't wait to see your cabins complete!

Anonymous said...

I keep watching your weather and comparing it to mine - not too different, but you are definitely chillier than Knoxville. You are doing some fast work on the Cabins. I expect to read next that it's all finished and you are binding it!