Saturday, January 6, 2018

Tuesday's Goals . . . Thursday Goals . . .where did my week go????

Timing is everything.

I've been trying to stay on top of downloading paterns that have been offered recently. One of the ones I'm late to the party for, but have decided I want to make is I Wish You a Merry. I needed block 12. As I was downloading, I found I needed block 11 also. In the nick of time, I got the last two. I have you linked if you are interested. The link has a list of all 12 patterns to make it easier for you to download. They are free until mid-January.  Better hurry.

(Image from Pretty Piney)

Next up, working on the jar topper wall hanging.
I made good  progress and finished the project on Thursday. 

It's all put together and all that's left is hand-sewing the binding in place. I even remembered to put a hanger on the back!!

We're skipping Wednesday because I spent the day with Mom and only had time to work on Thermoweb Ornaments.

After I finished the Jar Toppers, I worked on this one. So to catch you up - Block one is framed, block two is half framed, block three is almost finished with stitching then I can move on to block four.

This is the progress made on block two.

My new washing machine arrived early Thursday morning. I was the first stop. I've been without one since mid-December. We tried to get it repaired. Timing due to Christmas and New Year didn't help. And I'm the long run it just made more sense to purchase a new one. The other one was almost 10 years old.

So between projects, I caught up my laundry. Mom was very generous letting me use her machine.

Friday my day just flew past me. I did a little cleaning and rearranging and finished reading a book.

I hope you all had a good first week of 2018. I feel really good having officially finished a project.

Thanks for stopping by.

I am the Lord, who search the heart and prove the reins, who give to every one according to his way, and according to the fruit of his devices.

Jeremiah 17:10


Allie-oops Designs said...

Those blocks are just wonderful!!! I really love your jar topper quilt, they remind me of little '45's of Christmas songs! The ornaments are really cute, that's going to make a great project.
I hate being without a washing machine - so glad you got a new one!

Wendyb said...

good on you Edi...a great start to the new year! love your ornaments and thanks for the link! xox biggest hugs

Susan said...

The topper worked out really well! Does your mom like it? I'm glad you have all the blocks. Some of them go really fast, and others take a little more time, but none of them are really difficult. Most of them don't take more than an hour, I think. I'm looking forward to seeing them in your colors. Yay, a washing machine! Such a wonderful thing, and we take it for granted, until we don't have one!