Saturday, September 22, 2018

Are You Blessed With Good Friends?

Are you blessed with good friends?

I am !!!

I have spent the last week with Susan and we had the best time . . . laughing, talking, sharing, fellowshipping. We never turned on the television and it was not missed. I'm finding myself less drawn to it all the time. We've been planning this visit since Susan's visit last year. How special do you think I feel having her come again !!!

If you follow the link, you can get Susan's perspective on the week. Here's mine . . . 

Susan arrived Monday evening after spending the day on the road. We spent our first evening just catching up - not that we don't "speak" regularly already. She had a long day driving and we made tentative plans for Tuesday.

Tuesday, we stayed home. Susan was able to finish the borders on a baby quilt and a wall hanging. I was just happy to have someone to talk to who shared the same interests as I do and not just with quilting. We discussed a variety of topics and interests. When Susan finished the baby quilt she moved on to a new project that she and I will be working on for the next year. I haven't started mine yet. I want to finish my Mystery 3 QAL before I start something new. But I have a new stack of fabrics to pull from.

The design is called Sweet Land of Liberty by Cheri Payne. It's a primitive design and something I've never done before. So I'm excited to try something new. Susan managed to get her first couple of blocks done.

Wednesday, we stopped at Pins and Needles. This is the shop where I got my sewing machine and taking my monthly class. We found some fun Halloween prints for another new project.

We've collected quite a few between us and happily shared.

Then we took a road trip. The best part was sharing lunch and conversation because the quilt shop we went to visit was closed permanently. A second shop was also closed for the day. We went home and spent the evening sewing and cutting. Unfortunately, I had a cold coming on so all I accomplished was getting the pattern drawn off and ironed on for Color Bear.  

Thursday, we stayed home again. Susan was working on another of the Sweet Land patterns and the new Halloween project and I worked on my Color Bear Challenge.

I did get it completely finished. And a good thing, because I was coming down with a nasty cold :(

Friday, Susan and I went to visit my Mom. What a treat it was to share such an important person in my life with another important person in  my life. And they loved each other. 

Mom and I talk almost daily. She has asked about Susan every time we spoke during Susan's visit and even after Susan left. It was such a blessing for all three of us.

From Mom's we went to a local quilt shop, Ohio Star Quilts. Actually, after numerous moves and ownership changes I realized this is the second shop I learned to make a quilt. It is where my Trip Around the World quilt started. A pleasant memory. 



A nice shop with a large classroom and some great quilts on display. 

Dinner was pizza that was ordered and delivered. Clean up was easy and afforded us an evening of sewing and pleasant conversation.

Saturday, Honey Do and Newton volunteered to escort us to Cabela's :) and a couple of new to me quilt shops that we visited on our vacation. We got up and had a quick breakfast and got on the road. It's about a 30 minute drive over county lines. We spent quite a bit of time in Cabela's looking at all kinds of things. Susan showed me some really great storage that happened to be on sale :)

I also found some gloves and hat in the sale bin. Not to mention snacks :)

Next stop was Mom's Quilt Basket where we met the owners and shared sweet conversation. We found some wonderful clearance fabric that ended up in the Sweet Land of Liberty quilt.

We shared a time of fellowship over lunch that Honey Do sweetly agreed to . . . and paid for :)
Then we went on to the next shop, Quilts and Kreations. Some more Halloween and remnants for Sweet Land. 

We spent another evening of conversation and stitching on our crazy quilt projects. It has been months since I worked on mine and was glad to make at least a little progress with the hope of more stitching days to come.

Even when we thought we were done for the evening, we continued our sweet conversation. I will miss these conversations terribly over the coming days as Susan drove home safely on Sunday. 

I am so very blessed by her generosity, faith and sweet spirit. I can tell you that our friendship was God ordained and blessed and will continue for as many years as the Lord blesses us on this earth.

Thank you for letting me share a bit of our week and for stopping by,

I pray that you have a friendship that blesses you.

Verse of the day:

Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.

Matthew 6:34

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Susan said...

What a great review of our week together, Edi. Much more coherent than my reports. =) It was a great week, and I'm already working on figuring out how to come at least twice a year. Look out, Honey Do! You forgot to mention that you made a more than generous lunch box for me to bring home, with plenty of water, too, so I didn't have to spend money on Sunday!